Administrative Staff Directory

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Chief Facilities Officer

David Burdette
Interim Chief Facilities Officer and Director of Facilities Design and Construction
(270) 809-6979

Kathy Friebel
Administrative Assistant II
(270) 809-4293

Building and Equipment Maintenance Division

Director for Building Maintenance and Projects
(270) 809-4406

Joe Tucker
Building Trades Foreman
(270) 809-4397

Mike Black
Central Heating and Cooling Plant Foreman
(270) 809-3805

John Darnall
Environmental Control Foreman
(270) 809-4391

Gary Cowen
Paint/Plaster Foreman
(270) 809-2885

Plumbing Foreman
(270) 809-4394

Marty Anderson
Electric Foreman
(270) 809-4393

Building Services and Grounds Divisions

Rick Grogan
Director for Ground Building and Grounds Maintenance and Interim Director for Building Maintenance and Projects
(270) 809-3414

Scott Haneline
Heavy Equipment Construction and Recycling Foreman
(270) 809-3183

Benny Gibson
Landscape and Lawns Foreman
(270) 809-4405

Michele Lamb
Housing Custodial Supervisor
(270) 809-2135

Dennis Trantham
Asst. Director for Grounds and Heavy Equipment and Interim Director for Building and Grounds Maintenance
(270) 809-3446

 Shane Jackson
Building Services Supervisor
(270) 809-4409

Facilities Design and Construction Division
(270) 809-4387

Jason Youngblood
Assistant Director of Facilities Design and Construction
(270) 809-6859

Matt Whittenberg
Senior Project Manager
(270) 809-4410

Liz Holland
Administrative Assistant I
(270) 809-3992

Project Manager

Facilities Finance and Administration Division

Alan Lanier
Director for Facilities Finance and Administration
(270) 809-4127

Patty Edwards
Accounting Assistant II (Projects)
(270) 809-4358

Becky Key
 Facilities Support Assistant (Payroll/Personnel)
(270) 809-5685

 Brad King
Systems Administrator and Technology Coordinator
(270) 809-6871

Wesley Wisehart
Materials Control Coordinator
(270) 809-4370

Property and Debt Management Division

Thomas W. Denton, CPA
Director for Property and Debt Management
(270) 809-3635

Transportation Services Division

Tammy Wright
Office Assistant
(270) 809-4770

Jerry O'Bryan
Transportation Specialist
(270) 809-3059