Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

All employees are protected by Kentucky's Workers' Compensation law for a work-related injury or disease.  Benefits include payment for medical and hospital care costs, loss of work time, permanent disability and death as provided by the terms of the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Act.

All employees are covered the University's Workers' Compensation policy beginning the first day of employment regardless of employment status (full-time, part-time, temporary employees, and student workers).  This policy provides for medical benefits and lost-time compensation payments for valid on-the-job injuries.  Employees are required to immediately report all on-the-job injuries or illnesses to their immediate supervisor and Human Resources at 270.809.2146.  Notification should include information about the work occurrence and the body parts affected.

Entitlement to these benefits begins on the eighth (8th) day of disability.  The first seven (7) days of the disability are payable only if the disability lasts 14 days or more.  "Days of Disability" refers to those days when a doctor has deemed an employee unable to work because of a work-related injury or disability.  These "Days of Disability" do not refer only to consecutive scheduled workdays, but also includes weekends and holidays.  Workers' Compensation payments are calculated at two-thirds of the employee's normal pay rate based on a seven-day work-week up to a maximum benefit level regulated by the state.

Employees must use accrued sick leave and vacation leave to remain in paid status as long as possible.  Upon receipt of a lost-time payment from Workers' Compensation, the employee may be asked to endorse the payment to the University for an equivalent amount of leave time to be restored.

Murray State University has chosen an authorized managed care program for workers' compensation injuries; therefore,the employee MUST choose from among the participating medical providers within the managed care network.  To obtain a list of managed care providers, please go to  After choosing the treating physician from this network, the employee may change that selection one time, no questions asked.  Employees must notify Human Resources of the physician choice.  Employees should ask treating physicians to promptly report their status to Murray State University 's Human Resources.  Prompt reporting speeds payment of benefits and helps Murray State University and physicians in assisting employees to return to work.

Although injured employees may seek services from any medical provider within the workers' compensation managed care network, it is recommended that employees also check that they are utilizing providers that are in the employee's group health insurance network so that coverage can be provided should the Workers' Compensation claim be denied.  If a claim is denied, the employee, not the University, is responsible for filing the claim with their medical insurance carrier.  MSU strongly recommends the use of MSU's health services for those illnesses and injuries not of a life threatening nature.

Workers' Compensation forms are located on the Support Site.

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