Network and Telecommunication Services

Unit Mission
It is the mission of Murray State University Network and Telecommunications Services to provide a secure, high performance, high availability, ubiquitous network and a comprehensive voice communication system for the university through proactive monitoring and support of the telecommunications infrastructure in new and innovative ways



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Telecommunication Links 
Departmental phone listings
Departmental fax listings
VoIP Phone System (Cisco)
Dialing Instructions
MeetMe Teleconferencing


Staff, Network and Telecommunications Services
Tommy Phillips Director, Network and Telecomm Services 270-809-5399
Brad Cain Telecom Tech 270-809-1377
Jamie Higgins Senior Network Engineer 270-809-4590
David McGary Telecom. Mgr 270-809-3200
Brian Shelby Network Engineer 270-809-5646
Chris Neal Network Administrator 270-809-5808
Brandon Johnson Network Engineer 270-809-2299