Murray State University VPN Connection

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network constructed across a public network such as the Internet. A VPN can be made secure, even though it is using existing Internet connections to carry data communication. Security measures involve encrypting data before sending it across the Internet and decrypting the data at the other end.

Why has Murray State set this up?

Murray State University recognized the need for Faculty, Staff & Students to access university resources while physically away from MSU and at insecure locations. MSU chose OpenVPN for easy integration with our existing network and ease of use for the end user. The OpenVPN solution has been preconfigured for the end user by Information Systems to make your setup as easy as possible.

What about the Cisco VPN Client?

As of June 1st, 2010, the Cisco VPN is no longer available. All users are encouraged to uninstall the Cisco client then download and install the new OpenVPN client and use it from this point forward.

Who can use MSU's VPN connection?

Currently MSU's VPN connection has been restricted to Faculty, Staff and Students (in select courses) with Murray State University computers that run Windows XP, Vista & 7.

How do I get started?

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff must complete the VPN Access Request Form and fax the form to the Information Systems at (270)809-3461. Once the form is processed, an Information Systems representative will provide further instructions.


Students will receive instructions from their respective course instructors with download and installation instructions.


Vendors who require VPN access must complete the Vendor VPN Access Form and have a University sponsor sign the form to enable VPN access.  A University sponsor will generally be the person working with the vendor and who can verify the access requested by the Vendor on the form.

What operating systems are supported for the connecting to the VPN?

Information Systems has prepared OpenVPN installers for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS preconfigured for use with MSU’s VPN connection.

While any of the above operating systems can be used to connect to your MSU computer, your MSU computer must run Windows XP, Vista or 7.

What type of Internet connection is required to connect to the VPN system?

Broadband access is required for MSU's VPN connection.

Where do I get the VPN software?

Once access has been granted, use the links below to download the client and view installation instructions.

You must be approved for OpenVPN access and have an active MSUNET2K account to view the pages below.

How can I add a server to the Student VPN for my class?

Faculty must complete the Server Over VPN Access Form and fax the form to the Information Systems at (270)809-3461. An Information Systems representative will notify you once the form is processed. This form is only for making servers accessible through the VPN. Click here to download the server form.

Where do I go if I have problems?

Check the troubleshooting page to see if your problem is described there. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the MSU Helpdesk by phone at (270)809-2346 or email at helpdesk@murraystate.edu.