Mobile Alerts

Sign up for Emergency Mobile Alerts

Anyone can sign up and opt-in to receive text messages sent to their SMS-capable cell phones.  Messages will only be sent to users in the event of an emergency situation after they opt-in and verify their mobile number.  

 Please note that standard text messaging rates will apply.  

To sign up: 

  1. Create an account  under Murray State's School Messenger account
    You can use any email address to sign up, but you will need to access the email account for verification.

  2. When you receive your verification email from SchoolMessenger, click the link to log in.
    You will need the confirmation code included in your email and the password you signed up with. 
  3. Log in to SchoolMessenger
  4. Under Contact Info, in the Contacts block, choose Add More.
  5. Select SMS Text and choose Next.
  6. Enter your phone number, with your area code, and choose Next.
    Do not include dashes or parentheses.
  7. Within 24 hours, you must complete the phone number verification process.
    1. You must call from the phone you registered with in order to verify your caller ID.
      If your phone service has caller identification blocked, you must first dial *82 to unblock it for this call.
    2. Call (877) 214-1687
    3. When prompted, select option 2.
    4. When prompted, enter this activation code 902954
    5. When the call is complete, log back into your account to edit your notification preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can sign up for mobile alerts? 
Anyone may sign up and opt-in for mobile alerts. Simply sign up through SchoolMessenger and follow the instructions. 
2. What kind of alerts will I receive? 
Mobile alert messages will only be sent in the event of a major emergency affecting the campus community.  This would include severe weather warnings and significant public safety concerns.  Messages WILL NOT be sent for campus activities or other public announcements.
3. Who should sign up for mobile alerts? 
Students, faculty, staff and members of the on campus Murray State community are encouraged to sign up for alerts. Parents may also sign-up for mobile alerts to be notified of emergencies on campus.
4. How can an individual stop receiving mobile alerts?
Individuals should text "Stop" to the five digit short code of 67587.