Faculty Development Opportunities


QEP Experiential Learning Fellowships

The purpose of Murray State University Quality Enhancement Plan - Bring Learning to Life is to improve experiential learning outcomes through the implementation of learning experiences in which students apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. Consistently, studies show that experiential learning is related to an increase in student engagement, retention, recruitment, academic success, and preparedness for further work or study in the discipline.

As part of Bring Learning to Life, faculty and staff will have the opportunity in 2013-2014 to 

  • Teach/lead experience-rich activities (as a class or extra-curricular event)
  • Apply for a mini-grant in the amount of $500-1,500 to improve or create an experience-rich activity
  • Receive a Golden Key Fellowship - award of $5,000 towards conference travel and experiential education expenses
  • Attend experiential education workshops on campus
  • Participate in the 2014 CTLT Forum highlighting experiential education



Council for Faculty Development

The Council for Faculty Development serves as a forum for broad-based discussions and provides direction, establishes overall goals, and sets priorities for faculty development initiatives. The Council is chaired by the Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Research.