Office of Sponsored Programs



     John A. Roark, Jr., J.D.
     (270) 809-3536 Office

     Grants and Contracts Manager/
     IACUC Coordinator
Kristi Stockdale, MBA, CRA
     (270) 809-3534


     IRB Coordinator
     Sally Mateja, BS
     (270) 809-2916 Office

The Office of Sponsored Programs is centered upon customer service and encompasses the following activities to assist Murray State faculty, administrators and students in their pursuit of external grant and contract funding:

- Developing or expanding proposal ideas

- Facilitating proposal and contract routing

- Identifying faculty/staff with similar interests

- Coordinating contract negotiations

- Identifying potential funding sources 

- Disseminating award documents

- Obtaining and interpreting guidelines 

- Assisting in technology transfer

- Assisting in planning a proposal

- Analyzing reviewer comments for resubmission

- Assisting in developing a budget 

- Assisting in copyright issues

- Assisting in completing forms 

- Offering grant proposal development training

- Reviewing proposals and providing feedback

- Developing regional, domestic and international projects

- Editing proposals

Involvement in research generally requires compliance training or a review of your proposed work. If you are receiving federal funding, you must have completed training in the Responsible Conduct of Research and Financial Conflict of Interest. RCR is mandatory for students paid from NSF funds.

If you involve human subjects in your research, you must have the Institutional Review Board review and approve your research protocol prior to beginning your work.

If your research involves animals please contact Kristi Stockdale for instructions.

Please click the Compliance/Training tab on this page for required training in these areas.

Office of Sponsored Programs
Murray State University
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Phone: (270) 809-5336
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