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December 2013
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Express Scripts Cards
Flexible Spending Accounts
Employee Tuition Waivers
Thinking of Retiring?
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Administrative Change Information Sessions
Changes have been made to several important employment-related procedures.  They involve:

  • Student employment – Maximum work hours per week and applying for work via PeopleAdmin
  • Independent Contractors or Employees – New form and process
  • 30-hour rule for the Healthcare Reform Act – Effects on part-time employees
  • Discretionary spending guideline changes

Please plan to attend one of the following sessions if these changes will likely affect you.

The Auditorium, Room 240, in Alexander Hall:

  • Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:30-3:30 or
  • Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:00-11:00

Express Scripts Cards
Participants in the Standard or Enhanced health plans will receive Express Scripts pharmacy benefit cards before January 1.  You may also use a temporary card from our website.  Prescriptions not requiring prior authorization will transfer from Anthem to Express Scripts shortly after the first of the year.  Prescription data requiring prior authorization will be transferred some time thereafter.

Express Scripts' mobile app will be available for Standard & Enhanced plan participants beginning January 1.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Participants in the 2013 Health Care FSA plan should incur expenses by March 15, 2014 which total at least the amount of their Health Care FSA funds deducted in 2013.  Otherwise, these funds will be forfeited.  Participants in the 2013 Dependent Care FSA plan should incur expenses by December 31, 2013 which total at least the amount of their Dependent Care FSA funds deducted in 2013.  Otherwise, these funds will be forfeited.  Receipts & claims for 2013 expenses must be received by WageWorks by May 31, 2014.

FSA Plan Incur expense by Submit receipts by
Health Care FSA 3-15-2014 5-31-2014
Dependent Care FSA 12-31-2013 5-31-2014


Employee Tuition Waivers - Deadlines
Wed., Jan 15 - First eight-week courses
Fri., Jan 17 - Full semester courses
Thurs., March 6 - Second eight-week courses

Thinking of Retiring?
Please give Benefits staff at least 2 months' notice (more notice is preferred) for retirement arrangements to be established.

Policy Changes
The Board of Regents has approved the following three policy changes.  The exact nature and extent of these changes are in the policies themselves at the MSU Policy Mall.  A general summary of many of the changes is listed below after each policy title.

KTRS / ORP – Although not a policy change, a statement has been added to define how ORP participants have been treated upon retirement.  They receive MSU retiree benefits upon departure from the university if they meet the same criteria as a retiree as defined by KTRS.
Sick Leave Bank – "Catastrophic" is defined, absence reduced from 15 to 10 days before a person can qualify, and persons working 4 day workweeks will be treated as if they work 5-day workweeks.
Discrimination Reporting & Grievance Procedures – Clarifies by and against whom allegations of discrimination may be made under the policy and indicates where allegations may be reported; obligates employees to report, unless prohibited by law, that a student or another employee has  been subjected to discrimination; and revamps the decision making process.  Claims of discrimination against a student are addressed under different procedures.
You may send a request to for an up-to-date printed copy of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual for your department.

Electronic W-2's
Faculty & staff will be able to print W-2's from myGate when they are processed. You may choose to receive a W-2 electronically by submitting the consent form on the myGate website. If you selected this option last year, then consent is not required again this year. Instructions are available on the Support Site or click here. If you choose to receive your W-2 electronically, you will not receive a printed copy. An e-mail will be distributed when the W-2's are ready to view.


Job Audits
Changes to jobs must be made with Job Audits and be completed before February 28 in order to be put in the FY 2014-15 budget.

Spring Adjunct Lists
As communicated to Deans' Administrative Assistants and others, a list of all Spring 2014 adjuncts should be sent to Blaire Bushart no later than January 10, 2014. Once the list is received, the contact person will be notified as to which adjuncts need to complete an I-9 Form or Authorization of Background Investigation form before their first day of work.  HR must have a valid I-9 form on file no later than the employee's first day of work, and the background check form must be completed in order to allow the three to seven days required for processing.  For further information regarding I-9s and background checks, please call Human Resource staff at 3509.

Interns and Volunteers
If you are planning to have or currently have interns or volunteers in your department, please contact Human Resources Employment Staff to insure that the proper documents are on file. Volunteer Forms should be completed by each volunteer on campus.  Any person classified as an intern or any other type of employee must be paid no less than minimum wage for his or her work.


Who Handles What in HR?
On this web page, see the entire list of HR services listed along with the HR staff member who handles each service. See the entire HR staff & their photos at this photos link.

Serving you in HR

We're Social. So, join us....

See the entire HR staff with photos online.


Mary Mays
Benefits Manager

Allison Graham
Asst. Benefits Manager

Marcie Clark
Benefits Specialist


Haley Stedelin
Coordinator of Employment & Compensation

Kayla Johnson
Employment Spec- Non-exempt Hiring

Nancy Clendenin
Employment Spec-Exempt Hiring

Blaire Bushart
Administrative Assistant I

Employee Relations, Training and Workers' Comp

Courtney Hixon
Manager of Employee Relations & Training

Emily McEnaney
Employment Specialist


Lauren Smee
Wellness Coordinator

General HR Questions

Tom Hoffacker
Director of HR

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