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February 2010
Wellness Incentive Plan Launches
Murray Multisport Club Starts
Health Services Update
High Deductible Health Plan Notes
Performance Evaluation Plans
Personnel Action Form Processing Notes
Verification of Employment
Non-Exempt Compensation Study Update
Exempt Hiring Update
403(b) Retirement Representatives on Campus
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Wellness Incentive Plan Launches
Health LifeWe’re ready!  Visit to complete your Health Risk Assessment on-line to receive $50.  Just register for an account on-line (You’ll need your member ID from your Anthem card).  After you complete the HRA, your $50 will arrive in your paycheck within 12 weeks.

To complete the on-line assessment, a current blood pressure, recent blood lipid results (LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.), and glucose (blood sugar) levels are requested. Much of the information needed can be provided at the Spring Employee Health Fair scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th from 8:00 am -12:30 pm in the North Gym of the Carr Health Building. After completing step one, employees are then eligible to work toward step two which includes incentives for meeting certain goals.  Watch for a Healthy LIFE Wellness Incentive Plan folder to be distributed via campus mail in late February. Included in the folder will be a booklet to track screenings and participation in events, a physical activity log, and a frequently asked question (FAQ) document. Please contact Amelia Dodd, Wellness Coordinator, with additional questions at or 809-6463.

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Murray Multisport Club Starts
With the help and counsel of several folks, a multisport (swim, bike, run) club for the Murray and Murray State community has been launched.  This club would be open to the Murray community as well as students, faculty, staff, and alumni of MSU.  The purpose and ideas include:

  • Regular sessions on nutrition, training, bike maintenance, event technique, etc.
  • Clearinghouse for events / logistics that club members are participating in.
  • Have a Murray uniform available for our team to wear when competing in out of town events.
  • Assist local groups who are coordinating events
  • Build on the current camaraderie within the local individual swim, bike, and run groups.
  • Affiliate regionally and nationally with hopes of eventually hosting events that attract out-of-town visitors to Murray.

If you’re interested in helping kick this off, your input is needed!  We’d like to hear your ideas and thoughts as this Club is shaped into something that will meet your recreation and exercise interests.  Jim Carter can gather your ideas and answer your questions at ext. 4894.

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Health Services Update
Did you know…
… that our health care providers in Health Services can write prescriptions for you after an assessment?
… that all office visits to Health Services are free for regular full-time employees?
… that Health Services has a certified lab for moderately complex procedures including complete blood counts, urinalysis, rapid strep screens, urine colony counts, & pregnancy tests?  Employees will be charged for costs related to some lab work done on campus and all lab work off-campus.
Take advantage of this new employee benefit and see their full list of services by visiting  Just bring your MSU ID when you visit the clinic.

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High Deductible Health Plan Notes
MSU $300/$600 HSA Contributions – Employees who opened Health Savings Accounts had MSU’s contribution deposited in their account at Mellon Bank earlier this month.

Employee HSA Contributions - The Health Savings Account contributions deducted from paychecks are transmitted once each month from MSU to Mellon Bank.  Unfortunately, deductions from bi-weekly paychecks made early in one month may not be deposited into their HSA accounts at Mellon until possibly 4 weeks later. The payroll department works diligently to submit all deductions (and there are numerous deductions for many benefits and governmental agencies) to the appropriate company after the end of each month.

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Performance Evaluation Plans
An email regarding guidelines and access to Performance Evaluation forms was sent to department heads in early February.  Friday, March 26, 2010 is the deadline for exempt staff job descriptions to be sent via email ( and completed performance evaluation forms to be sent via campus mail or in-person to HR.  Forms and instructions are available at the following links:
Non-Exempt Performance Appraisal Instructions
Non-Exempt Performance Appraisal Form
Exempt Performance Appraisal Form.  Lori Mathis (ext. 3094) and Teri Ray (ext. 2156) can answer questions about evaluations.

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Personnel Action Form Processing Notes
Employment actions (e.g., Hiring a new employee, transferring an employee from one department to another, and pay changes) are prohibited from occurring without ALL approvals up through the President’s Office on PA’s beforehand.  For example, new employees are not to begin work until after the President’s Office approves the PA.  Also, PA’s require at least 2 weeks for approvals to be acquired and data entry to occur.  Without this lead time to process the PA’s, employees may experience delays in receiving pay, benefits, email, timecard data entry, or leave reporting.  PA processing guidelines are available at, then click on “Employment Information,” and click “General Procedures for Processing Personnel Action Forms,” or visit

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Verification of Employment
HR handles all requests to verify employees’ or former employees’ employment.  Please send all such requests to HR.

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Non-Exempt Compensation Study Update
Our consultants have been working on Step 4 – “Pay Structure Development and Job Evaluation.”  They are reviewing MSU’s pay ranges that support MSU’s pay philosophy and also are ensuring that MSU jobs are equitably placed in the appropriate grade to preserve internal equity as well as reflect the external market.  They are also beginning an implementation cost analysis, which is Step 5.

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Exempt Hiring Update

Hiring for faculty and professional staff will transition to an electronic applicant tracking system (from a vendor named PeopleAdmin) during the month of March.  Future announcements about the system will appear in PersonnelMatters.

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403(b) Retirement Representatives on Campus






Matt Idlett

Scott Noelcke

Rick Harris


10:00 to 4:00
Thurs, 2-18

8:00 to 4:00
Thurs, 3-4

8:00 to 4:00



Mississippi Room

Tennessee Room

For appt




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Lisa Dick
HRIS Coordinator

Tuition Waivers & General HR Questions

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Wellness Plan Coordinator

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