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Late Summer 2011
Pay Increase Effective July 1
Ethics Policy
Doctoral Tuition Assistance
Personal Bicycle Loans
Sick Leave Credit & Buyback Plans are Set
Late Leave & Time Reporting
Employee Tuition Waiver Benefits
Policy Change Log
Parking Permits Free for 20-Year Faculty & Staff
Winslow Employee Discount Changes
Healthy Weight Challenge Winners
Health Fair and Blood Draw
Administrative Notes
Working on Holidays
Job Description Project
Visa Processing Handled by IIS
Extra Pay
Composition of Screening Committees
Forms Have Been Updated
Volunteers at Murray State
Temporary Employment
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Pay Increase Effective July 1
Faculty and staff received a 4% across-the-board pay increase effective July 1.  This applies to persons hired before April 1, 2011.  Persons on leave will receive an increase upon their return.

Also, the second phase of the Non-Exempt Compensation Study pay increases were implemented on July 1.

Ethics Policy
A Statement of Ethical Principals and Code of Conduct was approved on May 20 by the Board of Regents.  It is available here.  VP’s, Deans, and Directors will soon see an email requesting that acknowledgement forms are to be sent to HR by Thursday, Sept. 1.

Doctoral Tuition Assistance
On May 20, the Board of Regents approved a policy to provide tuition assistance for employees pursuing a doctoral degree.  The new policy appears in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy Number V. M., here.

Personal Bicycle Loans
Full-time faculty and staff, employed at least six months, are eligible to apply for a 12-month, interest-free loan for the purchase of a new bicycle. The Personal Bicycle Loan Program provides 80% of the cost of the bike up to a maximum outstanding balance of $2,000. See the guidelines.

Sick Leave Credit & Buyback Plans are Set
When eligible ORP participants retire, a payment will be made directly into their ORP account from the university for their eligible sick leave.  See details to the ORP Buyback Plan here.

In order to be eligible for a sick leave buyback (for ORP participants) or credit (for KTRS participants) all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The employee must fully retire from the university.
    a)  No oral or written pre-arranged commitment to return to work can exist on the date of retirement.
    b)  The retiree will not return to work at MSU within six months after his or her retirement date.
  2. The employee must qualify under KTRS rules for an unreduced KTRS annuity.  Unused sick leave cannot be used to meet the minimum years of service credit for an unreduced annuity.
  3. The employee must have worked full-time at MSU as an exempt staff or faculty member for at least 5 years.
  4. The employee must provide the completed KTRS retirement application to HR more than 2 months prior to his or her retirement date.
  5. All leave reports through the retirement date must be submitted by the retirement date.
  6. The employee must not have received a sick leave credit as a result of previously participating in any other MSU retirement plan.

These details and more are available at the bottom of HR's benefits web page here.

Late Leave & Time Reporting
As a result of actions taken by the Board of Regents at the February 25, 2011, quarterly meeting related to the accurate reporting of time worked and leave taken, a schedule of penalties for late leave and time reporting was implemented beginning with the July 2 to July 15 bi-weekly pay period reported by July 19, and the monthly leave reports that were due August 5. These penalties are intended to encourage all faculty, staff and student workers to report leave and time worked in a timely manner. The monies generated by the penalties will be dedicated to a student support fund for scholarships and assistance with the related costs of attendance. To see details on this plan, click here.

Employee Tuition Waiver Benefits - August 22 Deadline
After extensive review and analysis by our external auditors, it has been determined that the University’s educational benefits to employees should follow different limitations and tax implications depending on the level of study.  These new tax implications will begin for all employee tuition waivers used for fall 2011.





Not taxable to employee

Taxable to employee for tuition waivers above $5250, per calendar year

Spouse / Dependent

Not taxable to employee

The value of all tuition waivers are taxable to employee

The above undergraduate and graduate classifications are based on the student’s classification, not the specific course being taken.

As a reminder, the University’s Education Tuition Waiver policy states that tuition waivers must be completed at the time of registration or prior to the time of registration.  This is interpreted to mean the last day to add a full or half semester course, per the academic calendar for each semester, published on the Murray State website. For this fall, the last date for adding a full semester course or a course for the first of the two half semester courses is August 22.  October 13 is the last date for adding the second of the two half semester courses.  Approved waivers received by the Bursar’s Office after this date, will not be applied to tuition for that specific semester and will be returned to the employee. 

Also, to ease the burden of employee tax withholdings, payroll staff will distribute your taxable deduction amounts based on the schedule below. 

Courses Taken During

Taxes Will be Deducted From These Pay dates for Employees on Monthly Payroll

Taxes Will be Deducted From These Pay dates for Employees on Bi-Weekly Payroll


October 31, 2011     (34%)

November 4, 2011        (25%)


November 30, 2011 (33%)

November 18, 2011      (25%)


December *, 2011    (33%)

December 2, 2011        (25%)


  * Date to be determined

December 16, 2011      (25%)

Policy Change Log
A record of changes to the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual is now available on the HR website.

The Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual itself is available here.

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Parking Permits Free for 20-Year Faculty & Staff
Faculty and staff who have at least 20 years of continuous regular full-time or part-time service will receive a free annual parking permit.

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Winslow Employee Discount Changes
The employee discount rate for meals at Winslow has changed to:

$4 Breakfast
$6 Lunch
$7 Dinner

Family members receive the discount when accompanied by employees.

Healthy Weight Challenge Winners
The Racer Champs beat all competitors to win the Murray State’s Spring Healthy Weight Challenge, held from March 15 to June 6.  In a close race, the 26 team members lost a total of 73 pounds!  Six participants joined as individual competitors and lost a total of 34 pounds.  Sherilee Jones in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology and member of the Racer Champs, met 145% of her goal and won as the top individual competitor.  Congratulations to Sherilee and the Racer Champs.

60 new enrollees since the start of the Healthy Weight Challenge

- 33% increase
- 242 total enrollees

114 HRA completions throughout the challenge period

46 enrollees qualified for phone coaching and 6 enrolled in phone coaching.

“I feel healthier than I have in several years. I even sleep better. The continued walking 5 to 6 days a week really makes a difference and I hope I can continue.” – MSU HWC Participant

Health Fair and Blood Draw
Tuesday, October 4th has been confirmed with Murray Calloway County Hospital for the fall Health Fair.  The Pre-Health Fair Blood draw date has been set for Wednesday, September 21st from 6:00 am -10:00 am.  The exact time of the Health Fair will likely be the same as always, but these and other details will be announced soon.

Screening committees may meet by phone.  MSU currently has in place a “MeetMe” phone system that can be utilized for phone interviews or regular meetings. This will allow Committee members the freedom to be out of the office but still be actively involved in the phone interview process.  Contact HR employment staff or visit  Phone conferencing is not to be used for the first meeting and candidate selection meeting (usually the last meeting) held by the committee.

Administrative Notes

Working on Holidays
Some non-exempt staff such as those in Public Safety and Facilities Management are routinely required to work on holidays.  As a reminder, other non-exempt staff must have the permission of their supervisor to work on holidays.  See Policy III D, Overtime and Exceptional Compensation.

Job Description Project
HR’s Employment team is beginning a two-phase project to update all campus Job Descriptions on-file in the HR office.  Phase 1 will be updating Non-Exempt Job Descriptions and Phase 2 will update Exempt Job Descriptions.  More details will be sent via e-mail directly to VP’s, Directors, & Deans.

Employee Immigration Documentation Process Moved to IIS
The Institute for International Studies is now handling the H-1B visa processing for new faculty and staff joining Murray State.  This will be in addition to the processing they are handling for students (F-1 visas) and Visiting Scholars (J-1 visas).  HR had been handling this responsibility.

Extra Pay
Department Heads:  If you are considering making arrangements to pay an hourly person extra pay, please discuss your plans with HR’s employment staff first at 809-2146.  Overtime regulations must be addressed.

Composition of Screening Committees
Every screening committee must be diverse in rank, tenure, sex, and race.  A screening committee, for example, should have members of more than one race.  If a diverse committee seems to be impossible to form, then please contact Liz Hinton at 809-2153.

Forms Have Been Updated

These forms have been updated recently.

  1. Background Check - Updated to include education history for faculty positions.
  2. I-9 form - Updated to the most current version of form.  Current form states “Expires 08/31/12” in top right corner and “Rev. 08/07/09” in bottom right corner.  Previous forms are not to be used.  Find it at
  3. Clearance Form – Removed bookstore signature
Search Committee Guidelines: Contact information
  1. has changed
  2. Exempt Employment Summary: Eliminated form
  3. Exempt Hiring Procedures: Reflected new updated date, deleted details regarding Employment Summary and revised to state that HR attends the final search committee meeting rather than the first and last.
  4. May remove link to Exempt Position Description on website: No longer necessary with the New Position Questionnaire and the Job Audit form.
  5. Notification to Recruit and Fill an Exempt Level Vacancy: Updated contact information.

Volunteers at Murray State

Please do not allow a volunteer to work at the university unless he or she has completed the form at this link.

Temporary Employment

Considering hiring someone for Temporary Employment?  Please read the details below and click on the link for procedures:

Backgrounds checks must be completed when a student moves to temporary work, an employee moves from temp to regular, an employee moves up in grade level, or moves from hourly to monthly.  Also, this must be completed before an employee begins working in that position.  Employment is contingent on the background check meeting MSU guidelines.  When a PA for a new hire (temp. or regular) is started for approvals, the I-9 and background check consent must be sent directly to HR, not attached to the PA through the routing.

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