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Facility Access for persons with disabilities

The Murray State University Libraries are committed to the needs of the disabled university community and to provide them with access to the Library's materials, resources, and services. The Library staff assists students with special needs with the same priority as other patrons while making accommodations for access to information and materials.

Facility Access—Waterfield Library

  • The Waterfield Library public entry and exit are equipped with automatic doors
  • Handicapped-accessible restrooms are located on the second floor of the building.
  • The elevator, located in the lobby of Waterfield, provides access to all three floors.

Information on Research Assistance at Waterfield can be found under the “For You” section on the library’s home page.

The older Pogue Library is a restored building on the National Register.  Because of this, no public elevator can be added to the facility.  Access is available from the Lowry Center.  Details follow below:

Facility Access – Pogue Library – Overby Law Library

  • Entrance on the north east ground floor corner of Pogue Library is wheelchair accessible.

Facility Access – Pogue Library – Main Floor, Special Collections:
For wheelchair access or for individuals who have problems with using stairs:

  • Entrance to Pogue must be made through the Lowry Center directly south of Pogue.  The elevator in Lowry is at the north end of that building.
  • There is an entrance ramp at the south end of Lowry.
  • Go right at the bottom of the ramp, around to the front of the building, to the north end of the building where you will find the door to enter to the elevator lobby.
  • Go up to the second floor and exit the elevator to the left and through the door into the enclosed breezeway between the buildings.
  • Ring the doorbell at end of the breezeway and Pogue staff will arrive shortly to unlock the door.
  • You will be entering Pogue’s microfilm room hallway with the Help Desk straight ahead at the other end of the hall in the main lobby.
  • A staff member will open the door for you when you are ready to leave the building or wish to visit the restroom. [The only restrooms in Pogue Library are on the second, or mezzanine, level, therefore you must return to the Lowry Center building to use their facilities. The men’s restroom is on the north end of their building and the women’s is on the south end, on the breezeway floor.]

Facility Access – Pogue Library – Mezzanine & Upper Floors, Special Collections:
When visiting Pogue to use the Breathitt Room, the Board Room (Jesse Stuart Room), or the War and Diplomacy Room, you must arrange ahead of time to be able to enter Pogue Library building from Lowry (unless attending an event for which others have made such arrangements).

  • Once arrangements are made, you must go up to the third floor upon entering Lowry’s elevator, exit to the left, and go through a door leading to an open walkway.
  • The door on the other end of the walkway should already be open per the prior arrangements.
  • You will be entering the Breathitt Room directly from the walkway.
  • You may proceed through the room and to the doorway leading to the landing which is a few steps up from the second, or mezzanine, level. There you have access to both the Board Room (Jesse Stuart Room) and the War and Diplomacy Room.
  • Again, you must return to Lowry for restrooms if you are unable to manage the few steps from the landing to the mezzanine level where Pogue’s restrooms are located.


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