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Find a Journal Article

  - Using Find it at MSU Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials
  - Finding Articles from Keywords Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials
  - Searching a Database with Limits Using Illiad to ReqeustMaterials

Find a Journal Article in a Database

“Database” is the term the library uses to describe its electronic collections. 

  • Most databases will index materials in one subject. [For example, Communication and Mass Media would probably not include information on medical techniques or law reviews.] 
  • Most databases index professional journals, but some
  • Index other things like news items, book chapters and dissertations
  • Index statistics
  • Index sound recordings or musical scores
  • Index the laws of the state or nation
  • The best way to choose the right database for your project is to use Library Guides.
  • But, if you prefer, a full A-Z list of all library databases can be found under the Quick Links on the home page.

Search Hints:

  • One method = Use ThoroSearch.
    1. ThoroSearch searches most databases used in this subject together, in one search.  This search-engine type search can be very quick and productive, but there are things to consider –
      • - Not all databases can be searched by ThoroSearch.  Click on the advanced search option to see a list of those being searched.
      • Other concerns?  (a) No full text is available on ThoroSearch.  You must use  to find the article.  (b) You cannot limit to scholarly or peer-reviewed only.
    2. Search suggestions under “second method” below work well in ThoroSearch, too.
    3. A streamed tutorial on ThoroSearch can be found Here.

  • Second method = Search the databases recommended for your topic

    1. Recommended databases will be listed under ThoroSearch on each page.  They are in a ranked order, so open up the first on the list.  Then, later, the second, and so on.
    2. Search suggestions
      • Search your topic using simple keywords, combined in the search boxes by the Boolean AND.
      • Don’t write long search strings in those search boxes
      • Put one word or a short phrase in each box
      • Nouns work better
    3. The resulting list of citations may contain “full text” ( the actual article) right there in HTML (web) or PDF (scanned) versions.  Look for the HTML or PDF icons.
    4. If the full text is NOT available, use the  to locate or order the item.
    5. A streamed tutorial about  can be found Here.


Find a Journal Article by Citation

The application that locates full issues of journals to browse is called “Find E-Journal. “Find E-Journal” also includes a section call “Citation Linker” that can be used to locate electronic versions of articles.  Note: it locates electronic versions that are available on MSU library resources only.  If you can locate the article this way, ask your subject librarian or someone at the Information Desk in Waterfield for help.

Citation Linker on Find E-Journal:      

If you have ever used  to locate an article, this is essentially the do-it-yourself  .  Fill in all the information you know about a specific article.  Click search to see if we have access to that article electronically.  Please note: if the article is available in print, this service will not tell you that!  It locates only electronic copies.


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