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Records Retention  

Welcome to the official records management site for Murray State University.
As a public agency, defined by KRS 61.870, Murray State University is required by law to establish a comprehensive records management program (KRS 171.680). Public records are defined in KRS 61.870 as documentary materials in all physical formats which are "prepared, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by a public agency."

If you need to access the full Records Retention Schedule, It can be accessed here.

This model schedule for state universities was adopted on December 09, 2011. The Records Retention Schedule identifies records by series, title, and description; gives the retention period and disposition instructions; and provides legal authority to destroy records.The destruction certificate is to be completed by your department and mailed to Adam Murray, Dean of Libraries/Records Manager, Waterfield Library for approval. Your office will be contacted as to when the records may be destroyed
Contacts Adam Murray Lisa Hanberry
Phone: (270)809-2291 (270)809-2291


A. - General Records  U0100 THRU U0132
B. - Fiscal Records U0203 THRU U0250
C. - Awards Committees  U0300 THRU U0303
D. - Student/Course Records U0400 THRU U0482
E. - Libraries/Archives/Museums U0500 THRU U0509
F. - Personnel/Payroll U0600 THRU U0652
G. - Buildings/Grounds/Physical Plant U0700 THRU U0710
H. - University Housing Records U0800
I. - Athletics U0910 THRU U0917
K. - Food Services U1102
L. - Bookstore U1200 THRU U1204
M. - Campus Police U1300 THRU U1312
N. - Business Affairs/Accounting Real Property  
O. - Financial Aid U1500
P. - Real Property U1603
Q. - Medical Facilities U1700 THRU U1708
R. - Sponsored Programs U1800 THRU U1803
T. - Legal Office U2000
U. - Electronic and Related Records  
    Master Files U2100 THRU U2144
1. General Administration U2102 THRU U2103
2. Systems and Application Development U2104 THRU U2109
3. Computer Operation and Technical Support U2110 THRU U2129
4. User/Office Automation Support U2130 THRU U2133
5. Network/Data Communication Services U2134 THRU U2139
6. Internet Services U2140 THRU U2143
V. - Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory U2200
W. - Animal Diagnostic Laboratories U2300 THRU U2305
X.. - Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory U2400

*Kentucky State's Destruction Form

For assistance with records management issues, please contact the University Records Officer at 809-2291.
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