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Current Fall 2013 students:

Current students wishing to change majors this semester (Fall 2013) are required to submit language proficiency scores that meet the new 2014 Spring requirements. The reason for this change is because you will not start studies in your new major until the Spring 2014 semester. You may continue to study in your current program under the old language proficiency scores, but any changes in the program of study will only be allowed if sufficient language scores are available for the term in which you will begin your new program of study. 

All students wishing to defer:

Students who have been admitted to Fall 2013, or any previous term, and wish to defer their application to Spring 2014, or a later term, will be required to meet the new 2014 Language Proficiency Requirements

Testing out of ESL or ESP:

Students who are currently in ESL and would like to submit new language proficiency scores will need to meet the following conditions:

1. Official scores must be submitted by the deadlines on the International Admissions Website.

2. ESL students should be in good academic standing.  Good academic standing, as viewed by the International Admissions Office, is viewed as a student not failing a class or failing a level for the term in which he or she was previously attending and the current term.  Good standing, as outlined above, will be confirmed by the ESL program.

3. Deadline for submitting new scores for the Spring semester is December 1st, and August 1st for the Fall semester.

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