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Project Graduate

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Project Graduate is part of a statewide initiative called “Double the Numbers,” which is Kentucky’s plan to raise the state’s standard of living to the national average by increasing college graduates by the year 2020.  In order to achieve this we must double the number of college graduates living in Kentucky. 

While other goals are important, bachelor’s degrees are the quickest, most direct link to economic prosperity.  Kentucky’s Double the Numbers Plan does not diminish the importance of associates or advanced degrees, which are vital to our state’s economy.

The plan focuses on bachelor’s degree production because:

  • The link between economic prosperity and educational attainment is most dramatic at the bachelor’s degree level, both for states and for individuals.
  • At the current rate of improvement, Kentucky is on track to meet or exceed the national average in associate degree production, but will fall far short in bachelor’s degrees.
  • Master’s and advanced degrees, while vital to the new economy, cannot be obtained without a bachelor’s degree.

Simply put, this plan is the most substantial contribution our postsecondary education programs can make to Kentucky’s quality of life in the shortest period of time.

In order to qualify for Project Graduate, you must:

  • Have 80+ undergraduate credit hours at any institution(s)
  • Have not earned a bachelor's degree
  • Been out of school for at least two years

If you meet these qualifications, you may be eligible to have your admission application fee waived. You must submit a paper admission application to Alison Marshall (308 Lowry Center, Murray, KY 42071) or contact her directly (see contact info below) for information regarding an online application. Note that you may only receive one waived application. If you change your start date, you must reapply and pay the fee. Admission fees for Project Graduate students will be waived until funds are exhausted. 

All Project Graduate students will receive specialized advising and assistance being readmitted to the university.

For more information, contact Alison Marshall at (270) 809-3350 or


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