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Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education Administration (PSE)

“Developing Emerging Practitioners in Postsecondary Education”

The Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education Administration (PSE) prepares emerging leaders to become transformational practitioners of higher education and student affairs within the context of the P-20 environment. The mission of the program is to develop influential leaders that understand the comprehensive nature of higher education and can apply alternative solutions to contemporary issues within the field. 

The PSE program targets those who desire a career in this exciting field as well as individuals with an established career in higher education looking for advancement. The core curriculum fosters growth in research, human relations, multicultural inclusion, and leadership theory. The two supervised internships offer students an opportunity to test drive functional areas in higher education from an administrative perspective. Faculty advisors will work closely with each student to identify site placement to best serve his/her personal and professional goals. The specializations in Higher Education and Student Affairs are differentiated by nine credit hours of predetermined courses. Each area is described in more detail through What is Higher Education? and What is Student Affairs?

Program Values

Graduates of the program will:

  • be prepared to explore innovative, alternative solutions to contemporary issues within the P-20 context;
  • be focused on service to the profession and to advancing the holistic needs of college students;
  • be committed to life-long learning and professional growth;
  • exhibit a diverse worldview and maintain an ethical center; and
  • be visionary-thinkers in postsecondary-specific competencies.

Program Delivery

The program supports candidates with a desire to move into leadership positions within a two-year or four-year postsecondary institution. The program allows for full-time or part-time study. Course content is delivered through traditional, hybridization and online methods.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Innovation – Students will incorporate postsecondary education concepts, theories and practices of innovation to explore solutions to complex problems.
  2. Competencies – Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of postsecondary-specific competencies.
  3. Diversity – Students will embody principles of inclusiveness and diversity and will apply techniques, tools, and strategies that reflect these beliefs.
  4. Leadership – Students will build leadership capacity through research, practice and individual professional growth.
  5. Engagement/Service – Students will serve the academy and advance the holistic development of college students.
  6. Research – Students will use results from research and assessment projects to inform and improve practice within the context of postsecondary education.

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