Murray State University

Wetland Ecology (Bio. 548), Hancock Biological Station,
Limnology (Bio. 586), Hancock Biological Station,
Stream Ecology (Bio. 546), Hancock Biological Station,
Freshwater Biology (Bio. 587), Hancock Biological Station,
Groundwater Ecosystems  (Bio. 588)
Biogeochemistry  (Bio/Geo/Chem. 565, Chem. Dept.)
Systematic Botany  (Bio.350) 
Principles of Ecology (Bio. 330)
Botany: Form & Function  (Bio. 222, fr/so sequence)
Biological Inquiry & Analysis  (Bio. 116, freshman sequence)
Biology: Concepts & Connections  (Bio. 101, for non-majors)


University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), U-M Biological Station (UMBS)

          Ecology of Streams and Rivers (Bio. 539), UMBS, Pellston, MI.  (Teaching Assistant)
Great Lakes Ecology and Management (N.R. 454), U-M School of Natural Resources,
Ann Arbor, MI.  (Teaching Assistant)
Wetlands, Streams, Lakes (EEC 320/ENVIRON 311) UMBS, Pellston, MI, (Lecturer)