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6/13/2012 Bozeman, MT, MSU - VOEIS Yr-3 Annual Meeting

- VOEIS 3rd Annual Meeting Minutes Final*
- VOEIS Yr-3 Annual Meeting Agenda*
6/6/2012 Conference Call - VOEIS Regularly Scheduled Conference Call

- VOEIS Regular Conference Call Notes/Reports 060612*
3/26/2012 Conference Call - VOEIS Leadership Conf Call Notes 032612

- VOEIS Leadership Conf Call Notes 032612*
2/13/2012 Conference Call - VOEIS Leadership Conf Call 021312 Notes

- VOEIS Leadership Conf Call Notes 021312*
12/20/2011 VOEIS Leadership Conference Call - VOEIS Leadership Call 20 December 2011 Participating: Barbara Kucera, Ric Hauer, Jim Griffioen, Clem Izurieta, Nathan Jacobs and Terry McLaren.

- Leadership Call Notes 12-20-11*
12/7/2011 Scheduled conference call. - VOEIS Regular Monthly Conference Call

- VOEIS Regular Conference Call Minutes 12/07/11*
11/2/2011 KY Scheduled Conference Call - VOEIS Regular Conference Call 11/02/11

- VOEIS Regular Conference Call 110211*
9/27/2011 Hancock Biological Station - VOEIS Annual Meeting II

- Nyack Floodplain 2-D Image*
- VOEIS Notes to Video at Yr. 2 Annual Meeting*
- VOEIS Yr-2 Annual Meeting Minutes*
- VOEIS Supplemental Notes Video Transcript of Yr2 Annual Meeting*

- Flathead Lake Environmental Sensor Network*
- New Sensor Development and Deployment*
- Nyack Floodplain 3-D Flythrough 2*
- Update on Flathead Lake Buoys*
- Nyack Floodplain 3-D Flythrough 1*
- Geovisualization of a Portion of Kentucky Lake*
- Nyack River Floodplain RiverNet*
- Dissolved Oxygen Simulation*
- Field Sensors and Computing Integration: Data Push*
9/27/2011 Hancock Biological Station, Murray, KY - NSF VOEIS Track-2 Annual Meeting
9/12/2011 Leadership Conf Call - VOEIS Project Leadership Conference Call
7/12/2011 NCSA at UIUC - Barbara Kucera, VOEIS PI Nathan Jacobs, Professor - Visualization, U of Kentucky Scott Workman, RA UK James Knochelmann, RA UK Tarik Islam, RA UK Jane Benson - GIS, Murray State University/Hancock Biological Station Charles Morgan, RA HBS/MSU Diane Whited - GIS,FLBS/UMontana Phil ?, Limnology,FLBS/UMontana The meeting featured a presentation of the mosaicing of Costa Rica,an overview of the Kentucky Lake case, discussion and code overview. After lunch, Terry McLaren discussed the CET stack and Summer of Code work done in the same area. Nathan Jacob's team discussed what had transpired and reviewed various other sources cited online for similar activities. They had planned to build and customize code at NCSA, but decided that it would be more efficient to return to UK to use their own equipment. NCSA indicated that they would be available to answer questions, debug, etc., as needed.
5/19/2011 Kentucky Lake - Radio signal mapping for Ledbetter and Panther creeks in preparation for deployment of our stream sites.
5/9/2011 VOEIS Leadership Call - First Monday of the month, this week was delayed one week to May 9, 2011, (11 a.m. eastern).

- VOEIS Leadership Conference Call Notes - 9 May 2011*
5/4/2011 Polycom Conference Call - First Wednesday of the month, 2 p.m. Notes to be added.
5/4/2011 -
5/4/2011 VOEIS Regular Polycom Conference Call - VOEIS Polycom Conference Call May 4, 2011 (1st Wed/Month, 2pm Eastern)

- VOEIS Regular Conference Call 050411*
4/13/2011 VOEIS Leadership Call - 11 a.m., First Monday of each month--postponed to April 13 due to travel schedules.

- VOEIS Leadership Conference Call Notes - April 13, 2011*
4/6/2011 Conference Call - Notes to be added.
3/22/2011 Your Computer - Webinar: Floating Platforms for Lake, Estuary and Tidal Monitoring. YSI Inc. (see http://www.ysi.com/index.php)
3/8/2011 Hancock Biological Station - Pisces II deployment on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Pisces II will be anchored at the HBS facility for a couple of weeks. We will monitor performance of electronics, telemetry, YSI sonde activity, and weather station. A WetLabs CDOM sensor will be added at the end of March, after which Pisces II will be deployed at Panther Creek Embayment (LBL).
3/2/2011 Conference Call - VOEIS regularly scheduled conference call 03/02/11, 2 p.m Notes to be added.
2/2/2011 Conference Call - VOEIS Regularly scheduled conference call 020211.

- VOEIS Conference Call Notes-2 Feb 2011*
1/13/2011 Lilley Cornett Woods - View sites for consideration of location of RiverNet sensor system.
1/5/2011 Conference Call - VOEIS regularly scheduled conference call.

- Notes January 5, 2011, VOEIS Conference Call*
12/15/2010 San Francisco, CA - American Geophysical Union, Poster Presentation. Hendricks,S.P., D.S. White, M. Williamson, R. Hooks. Understanding Biological and Hydrological Processes in a Reservoir (Kentucky Lake, USA) Using Long-Term Monitoring and High-Resolution Sensors.
12/1/2010 Conference Call - VOEIS Regularly scheduled conference call.

- VOEIS Conference Call Notes 120110*
12/1/2010 conference Call - VOEIS regularly scheduled conference call notes
11/1/2010 HBS - Deployment of Pisces I buoy at Ledbetter Embayment, Kentucky Lake
10/11/2010 -
10/11/2010 Conference Call-Leadership - VOEIS Leadership regularly scheduled conference call.

- VOEIS Leadership Call Notes 101110*
10/1/2010 Kentucky Engineering Center - Fox/Harnett meeting to plan REU and low-cost sensor activities

- Meeting Notes: Low Cost Sensors  (.txt, Unknown Size)
9/22/2010 University of Michigan Biological Station - VOEIS presentation to the Organization of Biological Field stations Annual Meeting
9/16/2010 Tennessee River Mile 44.2 - Highland Navigation Light Equipment Upgrades
9/8/2010 Conference Call - Regular VOEIS Conference Call

- VOEIS Conference Call Minutes 090810*
8/28/2010 FLBS, Montana - First annual VOEIS scientists/researchers meeting.

- Image Pattern Recognition and Data Mining Applied to Groundwater Recharge/Discharge Rate Models*
- GeoLearn: Integration and Data-Driven Analyses of Remote Sensing Images*
- Integration and Browsing of Large Volumes of Airborne Imagery of Costa Rica*
8/20/2010 Various sites in Montana - Field ecology experience for eight UK Appalachian students--L. Adkins, A. Corkran, K. Eaton, B. Ford, M. Henderson, C. Johnson, D. Martin and K. Scalf)throughout MT led by B. Kucera and R. Hauer. Field classes and over nights included the Bandy Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch, Tenderfoot Experimental Forest, Glacier National Park, and the Flathead Lake Biological Station.
8/2/2010 Pittsburgh, PA - TeraGrid Annual Meeting
7/27/2010 Hancock Biological Station - This was a Big Event!! Deployment of the first buoy at HBS on Kentucky Lake !!!
7/11/2010 Hancock Biological Station - David White, Susan Hendricks and George Kipphut met with five engineering students from UK and U of L including Alex Thompson, Bill Ford, Robert Steward, Cory Franklin, and Ben Zinninger. Jimmy Fox accompanied the students. The students learned of the VOEIS infrastructure and future applications. The meeting and outreach experience included: overview of Hancock and its sampling routines; the big-picture aspects of the VOEIS project via a powerpoint presentation; introduction to some new data; overview of the buoy sensors; and a sampling cruise. The trip was an excellent experience. Susan, David, George, Jimmy and the students also discussed future application of the sensors that the students are building and calibrating. Further, the group discussed ideas for future sensors in watersheds in Kentucky and their cyberinfrastructure in relationship to the buoy sensors.
6/10/2010 Kentucky - FIRST ANNUAL REPORT
5/27/2010 UK, McVey Hall - Barbara Kucera, after collaboration with Ric Hauer, who will lead the field ecology research trip, met with Lindell Ormsbee, KY team lead for Outreach and Education, about the trip to Montana, July 20-28,2010. Identification and selection of 8 students and 4 backups is underway. Six will be recruited from the Robinson Scholars Program, and Prof. Jimmy Fox will provide 2 of the 8 student participants from among his research assistants. We are seeking a mix of physically fit female and male students with an interest in STEM, particularly the sciences. The budget is being finalized, student packing list finalized, and required supplies detailed. Students will be required to keep a daily journal and produce a report of the experience upon its completion.
5/27/2010 UK, McVey Hall - Barbara Kucera met with Ken Calvert, Head, Dept. of Computer Science, in anticipation of the arrival of newly hired tenure track faculty, Nathan Jacobs. Nathan has joined the HBS VOEIS website and will also join the MtSU Forge website in MT. He will attend the Research Annual Meeting, Aug 29-Sep 1, 2010, at FLBS. Collaborations with Griffioen at UK, and Bhattacharyya at KSU, will be pursued at that time. Barbara will plan to meet with Nathan when he next visits campus.
5/24/2010 Lexington, KY - 15th Annual EPSCoR Conference: Science's Grand Challenges Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington, KY Nationally recognized speakers, Dr. Randy Atkins, Director Grand Challenges for Engineering Project, National Academy of Engineering, and Dr. John Turner, Research Fellow, Energy Sciences National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), addressed the grand challenges of the U.S. today. Michael Matthews, Program Manager/Analyst Meteorologist, U.S. Dept of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, and Dr. Albert Teich, Director, Science and Policy Programs, American Association for the Advanement of Science (AAAS)provided insight and stimulated interest in two other areas of significance for consideration by EPSCoR states. Dr. John Connolly, Project Director for Kentucky NSF EPSCoR updated attendees on the status of the new Cyberinfrastructure Plan being developed for the state of Kentucky. Barbara Kucera, PI, presented a status update of the NSF RII Track 2 Project--Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics System (VOEIS). David White, Susan Hendricks, Cindy Harnett, Jennifer Green, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Qiyou Jiang, Alan Dozier, Michael Sheetz, Jeff Mossey and Patia Hanlin also attended this annual meeting. In addition, posters were presented by Jennifer Green, Susan Hendricks and Cindy Harnett.
5/17/2010 Arlington, VA - Barbara Kucera, John Connolly and Jeff Mossey attended NSF EPSCoR Meeting, met with John Hall, Ric Hauer and Gay Allison, re VOEIS.
5/17/2010 Arlington, VA - NSF EPSCoR Project Directors and Project Administrators Meeting--Promoting, Capturing and Disseminating Innovation, held at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel, Arlington VA. In addition to the rich programmatic information received, Barbara Kucera also met with Montana PI, Ric Hauer, to coordinate reporting activities, update one another on recent project activities, and to plan the upcoming student field ecology course to be taught by Dr. Hauer in MT for KY students in July 2010. In 2011, MT students will travel to KY for a similar course experience. Barbara also met with Program Officer, John Hall, to discuss VOEIS annual report and overall strategies.
5/5/2010 MoSU - Bozeman, MT - VOEIS Software Research Team Meeting
5/3/2010 Missoula, MT - Education/outreach student activity K-12.
4/23/2010 321A McVey Hall, UK - Interview with Gang Mau, candidate for Computer Science faculty position, Visualization.
3/29/2010 VOEIS Regular Conf Call - See attached minutes of regularly scheduled VOEIS conference call for March 29, 2010. Next call will be 4:00 p.m. EST, May 3, 2010.

- VOEIS Conference Call Minutes 29 March 2010*
3/29/2010 Hancock Biological Station - David White, Susan Hendricks, Matt Williamson, Karla Johnston, and Gary Rice met to discuss remaining details regarding the YSI EMM350 (Pisces) buoy that was ordered in early March. Several issues were resolved such as the ordering of a CDOM sensor from WetLabs, Inc., the webcam model for the buoy, and the status of the Campbell datalogger for the fixed site (it has been sent out and should be delivered by weeks' end). We are on track for the fixed-site upgrade; we are on track for buoy delivery and deployment in late July, 2010.
3/26/2010 321A McVey Hall - Computer Science Department interviewed third faculty candidate for VOEIS project visualization position. Barbara Kucera spoke with him relative to the VOEIS project.
3/22/2010 KWRRI Annual Symposium - The following presentations acknowledge the project: 3. Pulugurtha, S. Fox, J. and Harnett, C. Study of Performance of Velocity Bend Sensors in Flow Over Gravel Bed Flumes and Rivers. Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium, Lexington, KY, March 22, 2010. 4. Stewart, R., Fox, J. and Harnett, C. Real Time Sediment Discharge Estimates Using a Turbidity and Velocity Bend Sensor Network. Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium, Lexington, KY, March 22, 2010. Other VOEIS participants present were Lindell Ormsbee, Susan Hendrics, David White, and Alice Jones. Alice Jones received the Bill Barfield Award for Outstanding Contributions to Water Resources Research in Kentucky.
3/12/2010 307 Peterson Service Building, UK Campus - Barbara Kucera, Jeff Mossey, and Sandy Leachman met with NSF OIG auditors, Susan “Sue” Crismon and Emily Franko, on Friday, March 12, 2010, at 10:30 a.m., regarding the ARRA VOEIS project, reporting of time and effort, reporting structure, etc. Paige Brown, UK Office of Sponsored Projects, was also present.
3/10/2010 321A McVey Hall - Computer Science Department interviewed first faculty candidate for VOEIS project visualization position. Barbara Kucera spoke with him relative to the VOEIS project. She later attended the seminar that he presented to the faculty and other interested parties.
3/10/2010 321A McVey Hall - Interviewed first candidate for VOEIS visualization faculty position.
3/9/2010 321A McVey Hall, UK - Interview with David J. Crandall, candidate for CS Visualization faculty position.
3/5/2010 Hancock Biological Station - Meeting with Kyle Waits of YSI, Corp. to discuss design and purchase of first buoy for Kentucky Lake. David White, Susan Hendricks, Matt Williamson, Karla Johnston, and George Kipphut were present. The YSI EMM350 Pisces buoy platform is the best option for Kentucky Lake monitoring. Telemetry, camera, MET station, PAR, sonde with 4 optical sensors (DO, turbidity, chlorophyll a, and phycocyanin) plus pH, specific conductance, and orp, and CDOM, mooring, and deployment requirements were discussed. Kyle will contact us next week with a quote; final decisions will be made over the next 2 weeks; deployment at Ledbetter Embayment planned for late July, 2010.

- YSI EMM350 Pisces Buoy  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
3/3/2010 Washington, DC - Barbara Kucera met with NSF EPSCoR Office Director, Henty Blount, to discuss the general status of the VOEIS project and to talk about the possibility of a collaborative project with Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and other "water" states related to a water cyberinfrastructure workshop in the Fall, 2010. Henry provided guidelines for submitting workshop proposals and encouraged us to apply.
3/3/2010 NSF, Washington, DC - Barbara Kucera, Richard Hauer and John Hall, VOEIS Project Manager at NSF, met to provide a status report on the progress of the project, staffing and reporting. Interviews are currently underway for the visualization faculty member position and the candidates are truly excellent. We anticipate hiring for the position in the near future. Julia Melkers is begining to conduct interviews of project participants. The project is moving along on schedule, active collaboration is occurring, and no major problems have been encountered.
3/2/2010 Washington, D.C. - Barbara Kucera, Richard Hauer and Alice Jones met to discuss the participation of students in VOEIS summer activities 2010. Due to timing difficulties that will prevent Kentucky students from working with Montana researchers as planned, we are trying to salvage the summer of 2010 with other research opportunities in Montana for Kentucky students and teachers. Additional meetings will ensue after Dr. Hauer meets with the Water staff at Montana State on March 11, 2010.
3/2/2010 Capital Hill, Washington, DC - Barbara Kucera, as a member of the Kentucky delegation at the EPSCoR Coalition meeting with the eight Kentucky Senators and Congressmen and/or their staff, informed them of the cyberinfrastructure needs of Kentucky, particularly the requirement that the Hancock Biological Station needs a 10GB connection to Internet2 in order to successfully complete the VOEIS project.
3/1/2010 Conference Call - Minutes of Regularly Scheduled VOEIS Conference Call March 1, 2010.

- VOEIS Conference Call Notes*
3/1/2010 Conference Call - VOEIS Conference Call meeting notes
3/1/2010 VOEIS Conference Call Minutes of March 1, 2010. -
2/8/2010 Conf Call - VOEIS Evaluation Planning

- VOEIS Evaluation Planning Call  (docx, Unknown Size)
2/4/2010 325 McVey Hall, UK - Meeting to discuss CS faculty visualization position status and criteria.

- VOEIS Faculty Visualization Position*
2/1/2010 UK Civil Engineering - 1. Robert is the graduate student working on the project. Bill is one of the undergraduate students who will help us this summer. I am still trying to recruit a second. 2. We are working towards getting a turbidity sensor that downloads to a data logger in order to check the sensitivity of the instrument over a two weeks time period. Robert and Bill to put in the field on Friday. CINDY DO WE STILL HAVE THE DATALOGGER IN THE BLACK CASE OR IS THAT AT YOUR LAB? 3. Robert to send Jimmy and Cindy: Lab and field communication flow chart; Cross section view; Watershed schematic; and Salamander with dimensions CINDY, THIS IS RELATED TO WHAT WE DISCUSS AND WILL HAVE THE DIMENSIONS BETWEEN SENSORS, ETC. ROBERT IS PUTTING THIS IN A WORD FILE AND WILL SEND TO ME FOR REVIEW; THEN I WILL SEND TO YOU. 4. We have power requirements of 46.7 Amp-hours per week at 12 volts. 5. Robert and Bill will collect some velocity bend sensor data on Friday and then we can send to Cindy. ( cind.harnett@louisville.edu). We can see when Robert and Bill get back if there is a need to clean the sensors. 6. Sruti to help Robert with range of velocity bend sensors based on field and lab data. 7. Robert is moving forward on making measurements with the ISCO sub-samples. five measurements for each turbidity sensor for each the ISCO calibration sub-samples. 8. Cindy working on the frequency design to meet the one week work life. 9. We will be presenting two posters at the KWRRI Symposium. The presentation is March 2. 10. Make a list of what we need for the “Real Time Sediment Discharge Sensor Network”. We can talk with Cindy and see what we need to buy and what she already has.
2/1/2010 Monthly Call February 2010 - VOEIS Conference Call Minutes 4:00 p.m., Monday, February 1, 2010 PRESENT on call: Barbara Kucera, Alan Dozier, Jimmy Fox, Jennifer Green, Jim Griffioen, Cindy Harnett, Gerry Harris, Susan Hendricks, Qiyou Jiang, Karla Johnston, Alice Jones, Julia Melkers, Jeff Mossey, George Kipphut, David White and Matthew Williamson.

- February Conf Call 2010*
1/25/2010 Hancock Biological Station - In Attendence: David White, Susan Hendricks, Matt Williamson, Karla Johnston, Gary Rice. HBS staff met to discuss the status of equipment purchases for upgrading the Highland Navigation site on Kentucky Lake. The consensus was to proceed with purchases of YSI sondes and sensors, MET station, Campbell datalogger, LICOR PAR sensor, and Panasonic webcam for the site to be completed by Feb. 1. Matt is purchasing two servers for HBS. [Communications between Bonnie Ellis of FLBS and Susan Hendricks re: nitrate, CDOM, and CO2 sensors are continuing.]
1/12/2010 Kentucky Engineering Center - UK/U of L REU planning meeting: Jimmy Fox, Cindy Harnett met to discuss tasks for four REU students and draft specifications for the summer 2010 flow and turbidity sensor installation. Two students at U of L and two based at UK. U of L Student 1: Assemble and calibrate flow sensors, working with UK student 1 on a new flume-based calibration method. U of L Student 2: Build turbidity sensors and calibrate them using samples collected by UK student 2 in the ISCO sampler. UK Student 1: Work with flume, capture image data of deflecting flow sensors. UK student 2: Collect turbidity samples during field work, maintain sensors in the field.
1/11/2010 Monthly Call - January '10 - VOEIS Conference Call Minutes attached. 11 January 2010 Present on call: Kucera, Barbara [bakuce2@uky.edu]; Dozier, Alan [alandozier@uky.edu]; Fox, James [jffox2@uky.edu]; Gazula, Vikram [Vikram.gazula@uky.edu]; Harnett, Cindy [ cindy.harnett@louisville.edu]; Harris Gerry, [gerry.harris@murraystate.edu] Hendricks, Susan [ susan.hendricks@murraystate.edu]; Johnston, Karla [karla.johnston@murraystate.edu] Jones, Alice [Alice.Jones@EKU.EDU]; Kipphut, George [ George.Kipphut@murraystate.edu]; Levine, Todd [tlevine@murraystate.edu]; (new postdoctoral appt.) Jiang, Qiyou [qiyoujiang1@uky.edu]; Mossey, Jeffrey W [epscor@uky.edu]; Ormsbee, Lindell E [lindellormsbee@uky.edu]; Rice, Gary [gary.rice@murraystate.edu] White, David [david.white@murraystate.edu]; Williamson, Matt [matthew.williamson@murraystate.edu] Absent: John W. Connolly, Jim Griffioen, Julia Melkers, Patia Hanlin, Brent Seales, Michael Sheetz. Minutes document attached.

- VOEIS Conference Call 011110 Minutes*
12/18/2009 San Francisco - The following presentation acknowledged the project: 8. Fox, J.F., Campbell, J.E. and Martin, D. Model Estimates of POC Flux and Carbon Outgassing from Streambed Sediments in a Lowland Watershed. The American Geophysical Union 2009 Fall Meeting, December 14-18, 2009, San Francisco, California.
12/16/2009 Urbana, IL - Meeting of Kentucky, Montana, NCSA, and Cisco

- Meeting Agenda  (docx, Unknown Size)
- Campbell Scientific RF450 Radio Data Sheet - Paul Lencioni*
- Cyberinvironments  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
- Aironet Outdoor Bridge Kit Data Sheet - Paul Lencioni*
- Loggernet Sofware Manual - Paul Lencioni*
- Geospatial Visual Analytics Decision Making - Yong Liu*

- GeoSpatial-Visual-Analytics-Decision-Making  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
- VOEIS Network Design - Paul Lencioni*
- HBS VOEIS/HIS Project Involvement - Matt Williamson*

(.JPG, Unknown Size)

(.JPG, Unknown Size)

(.JPG, Unknown Size)

(.JPG, Unknown Size)

(.JPG, Unknown Size)

(.JPG, Unknown Size)
12/8/2009 HBS - VOEIS Sensor Meeting: David, Susan, Gary, Matt, Karla discussed results of pricing quotes from various sources for the sensor/equipment update of the Highland Navigation Light (HNL) fixed sensor site. Matt presented the power budget for the new datalogger. Susan will create a sketch of all equipment that will go on the HNL. The trip to NSCA-Illinois was discussed. Timeline for equipment purchase was discussed. Next sensor meeting, sometime after the 1st of the new year!
12/7/2009 Conference Call Schedule - The schedule of all Kentucky member conference calls is as follows unless you are notified of changes. The call in and conference numbers are 877-394-0659 353936#. All conferences are scheduled for 4:00 PM eastern time. January 11, 2010 February 1, 2010 March 1, 2010 March 29, 2010
12/7/2009 December Monthly Conference Call - Minutes

- Minutes for Conference Call*
12/1/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Sensor meeting
12/1/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Susan Hendricks, Matt Williamson, Kara Johnston, and David White met to consider final configuration of sensors at our existing monitoring site (Highland Light). We will go with YSI instrumentation except for LI-COR light meters. Top and bottom sondes will be replaced. The bottom sonde will have the same instrumentation as before. The top sonde will have a phycocyanin sensor added. Flexibility will be built in for later addition of CDOM, nitrate, CO2 sensors. Matt will check with MIT for potential novel sensors. A MET station with camera minus rain gauge will be added. We will go with a Campbell logger. Bids will be sent out this week. We will meet again on December 8.
12/1/2009 Conference Call - VOEIS Assessment Conference

- Notes from Conference Call  (.doc, Unknown Size)
- VOEIS--Assessment Conference Call*
11/24/2009 NCSA, UIUC, Urbana, IL - Barbara Kucera met with Jim Myers regarding the software and middleware offered by the Cyberenvironments Group at NCSA in preparation for VOEIS team meeting at NCSA on December 16-17, 2009.

- Notes from meeting with Jim Myers*
11/17/2009 Montana - Montana all participant meeting

- Montana meeting summary and list of participants (with email addresses)  (.doc, Unknown Size)

- Montana Architecture  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
- Montana Sensor Array  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
- Montana Outreach  (.pdf, Unknown Size)
10/27/2009 Hardymon Bldg,, UK - NSF EPSCoR RII Intra-campus Cyber Connectivity (RII C2) proposal writing session among Barbara Kucera, John Connolly, Vince Kellen, Al Lind and Doyle Friskney.
10/27/2009 Hardymon Bldg., UK - Barbara Kucera, John Connolly, Al Lind, Vince Kellen and Doyle Friskney meeting to continue writing proposal for NSF C2 submission on Monday, Nov. 2.NSF EPSCoR RII Intra-campus Cyber Connectivity (RII C2)
10/12/2009 Boulder Junction, WI, USA - GLEON 9 The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network recently met in northern Wisconsin. The theme of the meeting included sensors and sensor networks in aquatic systems around the world. Faculty and research staff representing Murray State's Hancock Biological Station were Dr. David White, Dr. Susan Hendricks, and Matt Williamson. Countries represented at GLEON 9 included the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, Turkey, China, and Taiwan. Several ongoing and new projects using Kentucky Lake high resolution data analyses involved information technology, cyanobacteria, and lake metabolism. The next meeting, GLEON 10, will be held in Brazil in May, 2010.

- Proposed VOEIS Web Infrastructure*
- Kentucky Lake Update: New Grant Activity  (.ppt, Unknown Size)

GLEON 9 meeting at Boulder Lake, WI
(.JPG, Unknown Size)
10/1/2009 HBS - Phone Call re: buoys/sensors; Susan Hendricks (HBS) and Bonnie Ellis (FLBS)

- Phone Call: 11:00 a.m. – noon (MDT). Abbreviated “minutes.”*
9/9/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Kentucky VOEIS Remote Sensor Working Group Meeting

- Sensor Meeting*
9/8/2009 HBS - Picture Day
9/4/2009 HBS - Short PowerPoint with pictures of Kentucky Lake, Flathead Lake, Kentucky Participants, and VOEIS logo

- PowerPoint*
9/3/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Meeting to review the VOEIS RC2 website.

- Meeting to review the VOEIS RC2 website*
8/28/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Meeting to review the VOEIS RC1 website.

- Meeting to review the VOEIS RC1 website*
8/10/2009 Vancouver, BC - The following presentation acknowledged the project: 4. Fox, J.F. and Belcher, B.J. Comparison of LSPIV, ADV and PIV data that is decomposed to measure the structure of turbulence over a gravel-bed. 33rd IAHR 2009 Congress - Water Engineering for a Sustainable Environment, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 10-14, 2009.
8/2/2009 Vermont - CUAHSI workshop on optical sensors

- Review of Optical Sensor Conference*
7/15/2009 Hancock Biological Station - Preliminary meeting to outline objectives of the project and allow participating members to meet.

- Meeting Minutes*

- Overview of the CUAHSI HIS software package*

Breakfast with made-to-order omelets by Russell Trites.
(.JPG, Unknown Size)

The meeting is underway.
(.JPG, Unknown Size)
9/15/2008 NCSA,UIUC, Urbana, IL - Barbara Kucera, Ric Hauer, David White, Jimmy Fox, Cindy Harnett and Susan Hendricks attended a preproposal meeting among the VOEIS team and NCSA Cyberenvironments team that included Jim Myers, Terry McLaren, Barbara Minsker, Peter Bajcsy, and others.
* - only available to VOEIS members

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