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Presentation Date Title Description Author
10/06/2010 VOEIS: OBFS meeting at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Douglas Lake, MI The role of biological stations in the collection of long-term and high-frequency environmental databases Susan Hendricks

07/27/2010 The use of the ADV and new velocity sensors for studying turbulent processes in the field and laboratory

Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium, Lexington, KY Jimmy Fox

05/31/2010 VOEIS: Cyberinfrastructure and Environmental Sensors in Kentucky Lake and Associated Watersheds Presented at 2010 Kentucky EPSCoR Symposium, Lexington, KY Susan Hendricks

02/15/2009 Cyberinfrastructure for Sensors on Kentucky and Flathead Lakes: An Updata Presented at Gleon 8, Hamilton, New Zealand Susan Hendricks


Release Date Title Description Author
06/15/2010 Annual Report June 2010 Annual Report for first year David White

Other Products

Release Date Title Description Author
05/05/2011 VOEIS Hub Push Service
A service suite of software designed to push data to the Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics System (VOEIS) data hub at intervals determined by on-site data managers. Matthew Williamson

07/20/2010 Lakes and Reservoirs as Sensors of Environmental Change: The Value of Long-Term and High-Frequency Monitoring Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the Natural History of the Lower Tennessee and Cumberland River Valleys Susan Hendricks

Last Updated on January 19, 2010
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