Graduate Academic Forms and Information

Graduate Program Form

Information regarding the Graduate Program Form is sent to each student with the letter of admission to graduate study. The student should complete and submit the form (including signature) to their assigned academic advisor. The form must be approved and signed by the appropriate individuals and returned to Graduate Admissions and Records during the first nine weeks of the first semester in the graduate program.

>> Fill and print out your graduate program form - Master's

>> Fill and print out your graduate program form - Doctorate

>> Fill and print out your graduate program form - Certificate Program

Graduate Program Course Substitution Form

The Graduate Course Substitution Form is used to make changes to the original planned program form on file. If you have taken courses other than what were listed on your original degree plan, they must be approved by your advisor and collegiate graduate coordinator.

>> Fill and print out your program course substitution form

Change of Program/Adviser Form

Graduate students may request to change adviser, degree/certificate program, subject area, and/or catalog during their course of study. The request must be approved by the applicant current department.

>> Fill and print out your change of program/adviser form

Request for Time Extension of Graduate Program

Graduate students may request a time extension, beyond the eight-year period, through their advisor and their program graduate coordinator. Time extensions must be approved by the department chair as well as by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Academic Council. Extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

>> Fill and print out your request for time extension

Guidelines for Thesis Preparation

The individual student is responsible for fulfilling all university requirements for the preparation and submission of the thesis. These guidelines provide information helpful in the preparation of the thesis and describe certain formal requirements to which the thesis writer should adhere.

>> Guidelines for Thesis Preparation

>> Steps for completion of graduate thesis payment and process

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is required in some programs. Please refer to your department’s section of the Graduate Bulletin or consult with your adviser to make that determination.

The comprehensive exam is normally taken during the semester in which the student graduates; however, it may be taken after completion of 24 hours toward the master's degree.

Application for Degree Form (Apply for Graduation)

The Application for Graduate Degree is available on the Academics tab in myGate.  If your myGate is inactive, please contact Graduate Admissions for further instructions.

This application is effective for one semester only. If a student does not graduate after making application, it will be moved one time. If you are still unable to complete all degree requirements it will be your responsibility to submit a new application via myGate by the deadline for the term in which you plan to graduate. The new application will result in another degree fee. 

The Graduate Degree Application and fee are due in Graduate Admissions during the first three weeks of the semester in which the student expects to graduate. Submission deadlines are posted on myGate. 

Degree Applications may be submitted after the published deadline ONLY with prior approval of Graduate Admissions and Records. Late degree applications cannot be submitted through myGate. An additional $20 late fee will be required.

>> Apply online through myGate, OR

>> Fill and print out your application for degree form

>> Commencement Information

Application for Graduate Certificate Completion

The Application for the Graduate Certificate Completion and processing fee of $15 are due in Graduate Admissions and Records during the first three weeks of the semester in which the student expects to complete all coursework toward the certificate.  

After the student successfully completes all courses toward the certificate program, this will be posted to the MSU transcript within a few weeks.  No document will be printed and/or mailed to the student.  Questions about this form may be directed to Graduate Admissions and Records at 270-809-3779.

>> Fill and print out your application for graduate certificate completion

Registrar Forms

The following forms are housed and maintained by the Registrar's Office:

  • Academic Appeals 
  • Academic Second Chance 
  • Academic Restoration 
  • Access to myGate or Banner 
  • Address Change 
  • Audit/Time Conflict/Permission Form 
  • Consent to Release Student Information 
  • Course Substitution 
  • Departmental Challenge Examination 
  • Grade Appeal Form 
  • Graduate Course Overload 
  • Name Change 
  • Probation/Warning Acknowledgement 
  • Withdrawal Form


After all appropriate approval is granted, forms may be mailed to:

Murray State University
Graduate Admissions
B2 Sparks Hall
Murray, KY 42071-3312

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