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International Education Week

Celebrate international education with us November 18th thru the 22nd! The Institute for International Studies invites you to join us at any and all of the events we'll showcase for IEW this year. The schedule is evolving daily, so revisit our site often for updates as they occur. Our final schedule will be published by mid-October. 

Take Your Place in the World
International Education Week
November 18-22, 2013

All updates throughout the week will be announced here.
Also download a copy of this year's schedule, updated 11/18, to take with you.

International Cuisine Week

Daily, 10:30-2:30, T'Room International Menu
Irish Potato Soup

Tuesday: Gyro Pizza
Chinese Chicken Salad

Won Ton Soup
Asian Hotline
German Lasagna
Tres Leche Cake
German Hotline
 Winslow Dining Hall

Lunch: Greek Gyro

Dinner: Korean Bulgogi

Lunch: Vietnamese Banh Mi

Dinner: Polish Runzas


Lunch: Peruvian Sanguche de Chicharron


Lunch: Italian Stromboli

Dinner: Belizean Red Recado Chicken


Lunch: German Bratwurst

Dinner: Indian Tikka Masala



Monday, November 18, 2013

CC Rocking Chair Lounge

Activities to Expand Your Mind
Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background.

Monday’s Activities: Tweet, Create, & Point

-Sponsored by the College of Education’s Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)




CC Mississippi Room

Tajikistan: Where in the World? - Elena Volovich, MBA Student

The presentation will include information about the culture of Tajikistan, a small post-Soviet country in Central Asia, its history, political, economic and social background.

CC Barkley Room

International Students & Effective Advising – Lee Kem Moderating with International Student Panelists Rajeh Almasradi, Xidan Liang, Praveen Konyala, Eman Falemban, Ahmed Amin, Ahmad Alsuwaidan

Colleges and Universities are experiencing an influx of international students. What are the similarities and differences in effective advising for domestic and international students? Ideas and strategies for a successful transition, the environment/culture of the advising setting, and  essential elements for effective advising and teaching will be presented and discussed.


CC Barkley Room

Health Care Experiences: International Perceptions – Reika Ebert, Si Chen, additional panelists TBA

A forum involving students and faculty from abroad and from the United States on their experiences as healthcare consumers and/or providers. Audience participation is welcome.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


CC Rocking Chair Lounge
Activities to Expand Your Mind

Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background.

Tuesday’s Activities: Dress Your Dreams

-Sponsored by the College of Education’s Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)


CC Mississippi Room

I No Longer Wish to See the World - Danielle Geier

This presentation is to help students who wish to go abroad understand that in order to get the most of their time abroad, they must not see, but experience their surroundings: the people and the culture. This is to be presented through the eyes of someone who overcame serious culture shock.



CC Mississippi Room

Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property – Chris Tanner, U.S. Patent Attorney, Entrepreneur and Business Advisor located in Elizabethtown

An understanding of intellectual property and its protection is vital for anyone with an idea, whether it’s an invention, software, a brand name or a song. This session will introduce the four areas of intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets.  You will learn which may apply to you and your business, how to apply for protection and how to know when you are violating someone's protection.  This event is open to anyone who is interested in protecting their ideas.


CC Barkley

Can I Afford to Study Abroad? Steven Guns, Education Abroad Advisor
Accessibility of study abroad to financial need, low-income, and scholarship-based students.

-Co-sponsored by Student Support Services


CC Theatre

Milton Hershey's Cuba - Documentary screening and discussion with the producer, Ric Morris

Come along on a journey to the place where “sweet” was born. In 1916, American industrialist Milton Hershey went to Cuba to grow sugarcane. Along the way he grew a massive empire in the Cuban heartland, including a town, 251 miles of electric railroad, and the largets sugar refinery ever built on that tropical island. In its first year of operation, Hershey’s massive refinery produced enough sugar to make 1.6 million Hershey’s™ milk chocolate bars.

Milton Hershey was a philanthropist, and Cuba was where his vision of a kinder and gentler society was most extensively carried out. Through the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and beyond, Milton Hershey not only provided steady work for thousands of Cubans, he also offered them – and their families – a better life.

Archival film, still photographs, on-site footage, and never-before-seen interviews make this a journey through time and space you won’t soon forget.

Click here for a preview.


Oakley Dining Room, Applied Science 2nd Floor

Tasty Tidbits from Italy – Beth Rice & Student Participants from the Culinary Italy Summer 2013 Study Abroad Program

Drop in and experience a sample of culinary treats prepared by participants from the Italy: A Culinary Experience program. A representative from program sponsor, Lorenzo de' Medici, will highlight study abroad opportunities.

- Sponsored by Lorenzo de’ Medici, The Italian International Institute Lorenzo de Medici logo


Faculty Hall 400

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop  – Jie Wu and Susan Drake, Department of Modern Languages

A one-hour workshop on the art of Chinese calligraphy, both theory and practice. It will provide ample hands-on experience of writing well-balanced Chinese characters with a brush and ink. Suggested donation of $1 for supplies and refreshments.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


CC Rocking Chair Lounge

International Silent Auction
Bid on items from across the globe and expand your closet or finish your holiday shopping.

-Sponsored by the International Student Organizations and the International Student & Scholar Services Office



CC Ballroom

International Bazaar
International student showcase of more than 40 countries throughout the globe. Experience culture through food, art, language, music, dress, dance, and more.

-Sponsored by the International Student Organizations


CC Barkley Room

Small Business Workshops (each session is 45 minutes)

10:00 Global Information SystemsFred Miller, Hutchins Distinguished Professor, Department of Management, Marketing, & Business Administration

11:00 Human ResourcesSandy Miles, Professor, Department of Management, Marketing, & Business Administration

1:00 IT SecurityMichael Ramage, Associate Director, Center for Telecommunications Systems Management

2:00 Using GoogleElizabeth Price, Assistant Professor, Researcher, and Instruction Librarian, MSU Libraries

-Sponsored by Global Entrepreneurship Week




CC Rocking Chair Lounge Activities to Expand Your Mind

Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background.

Wednesday’s Activities:

  • 10:00-4:00 Vision of Life

  • 10:00-7:00 Personality Zoo

  • 12:00-3:00 The Tree of the Diversity of Knowledge

-Sponsored by the College of Education’s Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)

1:45-2:30   CC Ohio Room U.S. - Japan Kakehashi: Bridge for Tomorrow - Mackenzie Chandler, Sophie Howard
Twenty-five MSU students and faculty visited Japan for 10 days in May with the U.S. - Japan youth exchange Kakehashi Bridge Project, fully funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Two students will talk about their international experience on the Kakehashi study program.
2:00-3:00   CC Mississipi Room Semester in Regensburg Information Session
Learn about the student and faculty opportunities in Germany and enjoy some snacks while you're here.
-Sponsored by the Semester in Regensburg Committee
CC Mississippi Room

Europe in Transition

Anglo-American Relations in the 20th & 21st Centuries - Kathy Callahan, Associate Professor, Department of History
Two of the world's powerhouses, the United Kingdom and the newly created Germany struggled to find common ground in the twentieth century. Why couldn't they get along? 

Education and the Scottish Enlightenment John Muenzberg, Lecturer, Department of English & Philosophy

One of the most important factors in the rapid growth and advancement in Scotland in the 18th Century was the high level of education among the populace. This talk will examine aspects of the educational situation and suggest parallels for several emerging European Countries.


CC Barkley Room

On Sikhism, Tolerance, and Inclusion - Brian Clardy, Coordinator of Religious Studies, Department of History

Film screening of “The Sikh Next Door” and open discussion of the faith and issues raised in the film.

4:15   Pogue Library

Asia Initiative Announcement & Signing
Join the Provost's Office, the Asian Initiative Task Force, and the Institute for International Studies for the formal announcement of the future host of the student mobility program in China.

CC Theatre

Global Alumni Distinguished Lecture Series

Justin Taylor, '03 Alum, Agricultural Business
Justin Taylor is the 2012 Distinguished Alumnus from the Hutson School of Agriculture. During his years at MSU, he was an intern in Washington DC for USDA in the summers of 2002 and 2003. After he graduated from MSU, Justin completed his MS in Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida. During that time, he worked in Serbia for four months during the summer of 2004 as part of the Coca Cola Fellowship Program. In 2005, Justin went to work for the USDA in Madrid, Spain and in January 2006 he began working full-time with the USDA in Washington DC where he became the Lead Analyst for Global Wheat and Barley. In 2008, he entered the Foreign Agricultural Service with USDA and was assigned to Hanoi, Vietnam. He studied the Vietnamese language intensively from August 2008 to July 2009 and worked in Vietnam until December 2011. Justin left the U.S. Government in December 2011 and joined Arysta Lifescience, where he is serving as the Global Markets Analyst. Arysta is the world’s largest, privately held AgChem company.

Jeffrey Stearman, ’88 Alum, Accounting
Jeffrey Stearman has vast work experience, from a small CPA firm to a big four, Ernst & Young. The last 15 years have been spent working with Yum! Brands in the corporate tax division. Currently the Senior Director of Tax Accounting, Steaman’s team is responsible for the tax reporting for Yum! Worldwide, working very closely with international markets.

- Sponsored by Alumni Affairs

Thursday, November 21, 2013


CC Rocking Chair Lounge

International Silent Auction
Bid on items from across the globe and expand your closet or finish your holiday shopping.

-Sponsored by the International Student Organizations & the International Student and Scholar Services Office


CC Mississippi Room

Immigration & Western Societies – Department of History Professors Kathy Callahan, Jim Humphreys, David Pizzo, and Terry Strieter

Beginning with brief presentations on how immigration proceeded and affected France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and the United States, this panel will then discuss the ways in which the respective host societies dealt with immigration and immigrants. Audience discussion and participation will be encouraged.

CC Barkley Room

Lines & Circles: The Contrast Between Western & Chinese Cultures - Chunfang Liu, Visiting Scholar, College of Foreign Studies, Shandong Institute of Business & Technology 
This session will compare Chinese and Western cultures from six aspects: worldview, core values, outlook on the arts, outlook on time, mode of thinking, and linguistic expression.

12:30-1:30   CTLT Classroom, 3rd Floor Applied Science North

New Faculty Luncheon: Focus on Teach Abroad & International Opportunities
-Sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology


CC Mississippi Room

Here Be Dragons: Smaug, Temeraire, Toothless--and Fanny, too: Take Your Place in the World! – Johan Koren, Associate Professor, College of Education

Dragons are among the few mythological creatures that span the globe: there are stories of draconian monsters in all the continents of the world except Antarctica. How do fictional dragons like Tolkien’s Smaug, Temeraire and Toothless fit in? And we’ll meet a “living” German dragon by the name of Fanny.



CC Barkley Room

Modern Language Senior Colloquium

Join us for one or multiple session presentations by graduating seniors in Modern Languages.

  • The Culture of Santeria in the U.S., Katherine Bloemer, Spanish
  • Gilles de Rais: a Literary Investigation of a Villain, Ashley Doughty, French
  • Representations of the “other” in Spanish Cinema, Kimberly Englert, Spanish
  • Mexican and Other than Mexican, Gabriela Flores, Spanish
  • La Misma Luna: Children Left Behind, Marleny Flores, Spanish
  • Was Judith Hermann a feminist writer? Tracy Riggs, German
-Janice Morgan, Moderator

Faculty Hall 505

Imagining Money: From Commodity to Cyberspace - Bill Schell, Professor, Department of History

The evolution of money from the 16th century, having hard currency (commodity money with intrinsic value), to systems of fiat currency (paper money with no intrinsic value) and token coin (whose cost of production exceeded the value of its metals), to intangible digital money—currencies of 0s and 1s where all transactions take place in cyberspace. Indeed, E-money perfectly illustrates something often overlooked—that the measure of all things—money—is a cultural construct.


 CC Theatre

Presenting our Feature Event: Planeta Azul, Brazilian Music and Passistas Samba Dance Group

Planeta Azul, led by Luciano Antonio, is a fusion of uniquely gifted artists who bring forth a consistent, robust & full sound. Whether performing original works or interpreting Brazilian classics, the blend of grooving harmonies & soul leaves audiences wanting more.

Want a taste of what's in store? Go to Planeta Azul's site to get your musical juices flowing and check the video for some Samba that will blow your mind. Join us live for more right here at MSU.

- Cosponsored by the Institute for International Studies, Institutional Advancement, and Student Affairs


 Residential Colleges

International Food Competition

Join the Residential Colleges of Hester, Springer-Franklin, and Richmond as they battle it out to become the 2013 International Food Champions. This inaugural battle will feature cuisine from the following countries, with times indicating when judges will arrive at each college:

  • 7:30: Hester, Mexico
  • 8:00: Richmond, Haiti
  • 8:30: Springer-Franklin, Belize
  • 8:30: Elizabeth, India
  • 9:00: Regents, Korea
  • 9:00: Clark, Bangladesh
Judges from the Global Campus Committee will focus on taste, originality, authenticity, and presentation. Audience judging will be encouraged and considered in the awarding of the 2013 Champion, who will receive a trophy and cuisine acclaim.

Friday, November 22, 2013

CC Rocking Chair Lounge

International Silent Auction

Bid on items from across the globe and expand your closet or finish your holiday shopping. It’s the last day of the auction, so you can join us at noon to pay for and retrieve your new and amazing item. If you can’t join us, you’ll have a week to pick up and pay for your items in the Institute for International Studies, Woods Hall.

-Sponsored by the International Student Organizations


 CC Rocking Chair Lounge

 Carp Tasting
-Sponsored by Two Rivers Fisheries

Two Rivers Fisheries logo

 11:30-12:30    CTLT Classroom, 3rd Floor Applied Science North
   New Faculty Luncheon: Focus on Teach Abroad & International Opportunities
 - Sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology
Faculty Club

Wine Tasting for International Studies Advisory Committee Members
-Sponsored by the Cellar Door

Cellar Door Wine & Spirits

7:00   Performing Arts Hall, Fine Arts Building, FREE ADMISSION

Michel Stennier Sings Brel: Brel et Moi/ Brel and Me, with Christy D’Ambrosio, piano, and John Hill, vibraphone

- Cosponsored by The Department of Modern Languages, The College of Humanities & Fine Arts, The Department of Music, The Office of Development, The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, and The Kentucky Department of Education.
Questions? Call the Education Abroad Office, (270) 809-2277

or email msu.studyabroad@murraystate.edu.

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