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Attendance and changes
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Attendance and changes


In order to receive VA educational assistance for pursuit of a program of education, an individual must maintain satisfactory attendance.  VA will discontinue educational assistance if the individual does not maintain satisfactory attendance.  Attendance is unsatisfactory if the individual does not attend according to the regularly prescribed standards of the educational institution in which he or she is enrolled (38 U.S.C. 3034, 3474).

The last day of attendance will be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Change of enrollment

Audited courses
Audited courses may not be certified. If you change a graded class to an audit after the semester, MSU will report the change from credit to audit as a withdrawal, effective the day the student changed from credit to audit. This causes an overpayment, which the DVA will collect benefits back.

Drop/Add Courses
Reduction/increase in the student’s enrollment may impact their VA educational assistance.  Prior to dropping a course, check with MSU’s VA Office to make sure of the consequences of dropping. If increasing your enrollment, notify the MSU VA Office to ensure proper benefits are being paid.

VA will not pay benefits to an individual for a course from which the individual withdraws or receives a nonpunitive grade which is not used in computing the requirements for graduation. (38 U.S.C. 3680 and §21.4136)

Change in Degree

You MUST notify the MSU VA office if you:

  • change your area/major
  • change your minor

All reports must be report to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Failure to notify the DVA could result in overpayment, which requires you to payback benefits.

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