Degree options

(Assumes student is admitted without developmental course requirements)

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Computer Science

Major/Area: B.S. (2015-18 bulletin)
Second Major - Same as above without the general education classes. However, some classes in that block are still required as "co-requirements"  and will have to be taken.
Minor - CSC101, 145, 300, 325, 345, 445, one course chosen from CSC405, 410, 415, 425 and 530.
CS Core with pre-requisite (graphical view)

Game development

Major/Area - Click here to download the plan (B.A or B.S.)
Minor - CSC145/232/233/235, CSC275, 515, 575 and three courses from ART350, 354, 357, 362, CSC360, 370 or 425. (Total 21 hours)

Computer Information Systems

Area: Bachelor of Science in Business 
Minor - CSC101, 125, 199, 232, CIS307, 317, and one of the following: CIS407, 525, 543, 548, CSC310, 332, or TSM 517. (Total 21 hours)
Second Major - same as Area linked above without the General Education component. Some classes (like ECO, MAT ) may still be required. Contact the chair of the department for more information.

Data Analytics

Minor - CSC101, 145, CIS243, 343, 407, 443, 509, 543. STA135 can be substituted for CIS243 and 343. Six hours must be upper level courses.

Second degree/major (graduated with Associates or Arts/Science or Bachelors)

Computer Information Systems: Bachelor of Science in Business - CIS 2 + 2 (complete in two years as long as some of the required classes (ACC, ECO, MAT etc) are taken at the community/junior college as part of the Associate degree.
Computer Science: Bachelor of Science - CSC 2 + 2 - Finish in FOUR (terms) .
A Bachelor of Arts option also exists. Please contact the chair of the department.

Plan for studying abroad

Graduate programs

MS Information Systems (tracks in security and business analytics exist)
MS Telecommunications Systems Management