Prepackage Books


Save time, save money, and pay later.  You will receive first priority on used textbooks, alleviate the headaches from having to determine what books you need for what classes, you will receive 100% returns privileges through the first week of classes per the returns policy included in your box. Extended campus & online students will receive free shipping. 

What is prepackage?

You fill out a form, we do all the work. Over the break, the University Store will access your schedule and have every book you need waiting for you before classes begin.  Students who prepackage can pick up books at the University Store during the first week of classes.

What are my prepackage options? 

With prepackage, you have ultimate flexibility!  Charge to your student account or use your scholarship funds; decide on rental (if available), e-books (if available) used or new textbooks; indicate books you already have or do not wish to order; you can even add on items like calculators or planners! 

Questions? Call 270.809.4388 or email