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Racers Lead Mentoring Program

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The Racers Lead mentoring program creates stronger connections within the campus community by matching interested staff to help achieve achieve personal and professional goals, build more diverse networks and create a more inclusive culture.


Mentoring participation guidelines

More information on the application period coming soon.

All staff are encouraged to apply to support Murray State's efforts to foster equity, celebrate diversity and create a more inclusive campus. The program is designed to help staff across campus create more meaningful relationships, grow their skills and feel more connected to Murray State.

Become a mentor

  • A minimum of 5 (five) years' experience as a Murray State staff member
  • Performance Appraisal scores of satisfactory or above for the last five years of service
  • Knowledge of Murray State University’s mission and values
  • Be willing to commit to monthly meetings
  • Be willing to provide information, support and encouragement to the mentee

Find a mentor

  • Be a Murray State staff member
  • Be willing to commit to monthly meetings
  • Be open to receiving feedback and take responsibility for growth and development


Mentoring process

After applying, staff members will be matched and invited to an orientation session. We will do our best to match mentees with a mentor who has the appropriate expertise and meets the criteria requested by the mentee. However, selection is not guaranteed.

Throughout the year, participants will have the opportunity to take part in workshops, Q&A sessions and an end of year celebration.

Mentoring pairs (mentor and mentee) will set their own structure for meetings and goals for the mentoring cycle. Mentors and mentees should meet at least once a month. Meetings can be in-person, virtual, via phone, etc.

Mentoring meetings should take place during the normal workday and count as time worked, when possible. If you are a non-exempt staff member, you won't be paid overtime to participate but you won't be required to use leave time (vacation or personal leave), either. Notify your supervisor when you're arranging your meeting schedule.

Mentors may suggest additional activities like attending conferences, joining professional organizations or participating in networking activities. In those cases, mentees should plan to use personal time.



Please note the schedule is still being finalized.




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Liz Ridley

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