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Student success is the focus in the Center for Academic Success (CAS). The CAS is the primary home for the peer tutoring program, RacerWorks sessions, the Bachelors of General Studies (BGS) degree, English and reading KYOTE tests, and corequisite English and reading courses. In the CAS, you will find professional advisors, dedicated instructors, and outstanding Murray State students eager to help you become a successful college student. Our tutoring service is available for any Murray State student currently taking classes.


The Center for Academic Success at Murray State offers a variety of courses in the following areas:

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ENG 111, Fundamental Writing Skills: A one-hour elective credit course designed to further strengthen writing skills. ENG 111 must be taken concurrent with ENG 105. This course is required for students with English ACT scores of 17 and below.

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Dr. Shauna Mullins at

REA 112, Fundamental Reading Skills I: A one-hour elective credit course designed to further strengthen reading skills. REA 112 must be taken concurrent with ENG 105. This course is required for students with reading ACT scores of 19 and below.

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Ann Matheny at

Bachelor Of General Studies Program

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is a baccalaureate degree for traditional students with at least 72 hours of consecutive college credits entering their junior or senior year. This program is for students who resolve to obtain a college degree in a timely manner, though different from their previous declared major, and plan to use a college degree to find employment, strengthen future employment opportunities, and reach personal goals. The mission is to prepare undergraduate students for today’s ever-changing workforce and to promote skills needed to succeed in a variety of professions. 

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Admission into the program is available to traditional students who meet the following conditions:

  • Must have 72 hours of prior credit
  • Must have a 2.0 minimum overall and institution GPA 
  • Must be currently enrolled in the university 
  • Must have a referral from current advisor
  • Must apply for admission into the program
  • Must have approval from the BGS coordinator

             Limitations. Due to accreditation requirements of the Bauernfeind College of Business, any student who wishes to apply business course credits to the Bachelor of General Studies must consult the BGS coordinator. No more than 30 credit hours in certain Business prefixes will count toward this degree  (refer to the Authur J. Bauernfiend College of Business requirements in the academic bulletin). This degree is not designed for students who want or who are required credentials for entry into professional fields that require a specific undergraduate course of study.

The Bachelor of General Studies degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours with 15 hours focused on experiential learning and career success, 21 hours of primary focus core courses, and 30 individualized focus. The curriculum aims to develop foundational skills in technology, communication, and financial literacy which will enable graduates to enter, contribute, and thrive in today’s workforce.

A minimum of 40 credit hours must be taken with Murray State. Additionally, 42 upper-division credits (courses taken at or above the 300-level) must be earned, 15 hours of upper-level classes must come from classes not in University Studies or Unrestricted Electives, and an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 must be maintained to meet regular graduation requirements. 

Core courses within the BGS degree:

BGS 401- Career Readiness A course in career exploration that includes a coordinator-approved work or service experience related to the career and educational objectives of the student. Prerequisite(s): admission to the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program and permission of the BGS program coordinator.

BGS 410- General Studies Capstone  A capstone experience designed to assist students in the creation and presentation of a culminating project required for completion of the Bachelor of General Studies degree. The project includes the integration of artifacts that highlight what students have learned in the program including clear connections to their career plan. A student must earn a minimum grade of C in this course to receive a Bachelor of Integrated Studies. May be repeated with coordinator approval. Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program, senior standing, permission of BGS coordinator

You will also need one course from each of the following three categories:

Select one of the following communications courses:

COM    131 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 

COM    201 Communication Foundations and Theory  

COM    331 Interpersonal Communication  

COM    340 Intercultural Communication  

COM    439 Conflict and Communication 

COM    384 Communication Skills for Professionals

BUS    215 Business Communication   

ENG    204 Advanced Expository Writing    

ENG    224 Writing in the Professions   

ENG    324 Technical Writing    

JMC    168 Contemporary Mass Media

JMC    194 Newswriting

JMC    391 Public Relations Principles 

JMC    394 Introduction to Advertising

GCM    153 Electronic Imaging 

NLS    465 Policy, Legal Issues, and Advocacy for Social Change in Nonprofit Organizations   

NLS    470 Interpretation of Cultural Resources


Select one of the following technology courses:

CSC  199   Intro to Information Technology   

CSC  125   Internet and Web Page Design   

AGR 339   Computer Apps for Agriculture   

EDU 222   Instructional Technology

JMC  270   Media Production    

GCM 153   Electronic Imaging   

COM 422   Communication and Technology   

ENG  204   Advanced Expository Writing

ENG 224   Writing in the Professions   

ENG 324   Technical Writing

NLS  410   Tech Skills for Community Orgs


 Select one of the following personal finance courses:

FIN    230    Personal Financial Planning   

ECO   140    Contemporary Economics   

FCS    241    Family Economics   

FCS    342    Consumer Decision Making   

NLS  370    Financial Resource Mgt and Fund          


NLS      402    Financial Resource Management

Please contact Dr. Shauna Mullins at or 270.809.2667 for inquiries.

Academic Advising Resources, Student Success Information, and Tutoring

There is information available on a variety of topics including how to read your RACR audit, appeals, University Bulletins, and how to get your FREE Microsoft Office 365 Education Suite. Click here to get started.

Choosing a major and career path is a process, and there are many resources on campus to help you purposefully navigate this process. Find resources and links to these campus offices, free assessments and tools to explore and research available options.

Getting involved with others who share your passion for athletics, being of service to others, or supporting a cause is simply a great way to tackle stress. Also, research shows that college students who get involved on their college campus are more likely to stay in college. They balance their academics with social interactions and make great connections and lifelong friendships. Below are some links to help you get involved!

Racer Athletics

Student Organizations, Student Government Association and Greek Life  

Residential Colleges and Recreation

Planning for and being successful takes hard work and dedication. It requires focus and strong-will. Psychologist and researcher, Angela Lee Duckworth, reminds us that it also takes grit. “Grit is sticking with your future — day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years — and working really hard to make that future a reality.” You can see her TED video on the “The Key to Success? Grit”.

Free peer tutoring is offered without appointment for many University Studies classes. Located on the first floor of Lowry Center, tutors are available Monday through Thursday afternoons during fall and spring semesters. You can find more information on Lowry Tutoring here. 

Additional campus tutoring, including information on the Ross Math Lab and the Racer Writing Center, can be found here.

For more information contact Sarah Verive at or 270.809.6267.

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