Accounting minor

Course Work Semester Hours
Required Courses:
ACC 200 Principles of Accounting I (3 hrs.)
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting II (3 hrs.)
ACC 202 Financial Accounting Laboratory (1 hrs.)
ACC 300 Intermediate Accounting I (3 hrs.)
Required Accounting and Business Electives:
Note: These electives must include 9 semester hours of accounting in courses other than ACC 304, ACC 489, and ACC490, and a business elective (3 hrs.). Also, six hours must be upper-level courses completed at Murray State University.*
Total Minor Requirements 22

* Important Notes:

  1. Accounting courses cannot be used toward this minor and also in another business program. Students pursuing more than one degree option in business must substitute other business and accounting courses (approved by the Accounting Department Chair) for ACC 200 and ACC 201 or any other common courses.
  2. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher in all 300 level and above accounting courses to meet graduation requirements.