Minor in Finance

ACC 200 Principles of Accounting I 3 hours
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting II 3 hours
FIN 330 Principles of Finance 3 hours
FIN 332 Financial Management 3 hours
FIN 333 Principles of Investment 3 hours
    FIN or ECO Elective 3 hours
    Business Elective (may include FIN or ECO) 3 hours

Six of the above hours must be upper-level courses completed in residence at Murray State University.

Note: At Murray State University, we have a term that is a little tricky until you get used to it: an area in a subject. At Murray State, if you major in a field, you must have a minor in a field as well. (For example, you can major in Business Administration and minor in Psychology.) However, if you do not want a minor in a subject, you are said to pursue an area instead of a major. The requirements for an area are just as rigorous as the requirements for a major; the name assigned to it is just different - it simply means that you have chosen not to minor in a subject.