Minor in Social Sciences

Open only to majors in economics, geography, history, or political science who seek secondary certification in social studies.

ECO 231 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hours
EES 110 World Geography 3 hours
HIS 221 American Experience to 1865 3 hours
HIS 222 American Experience since 1865 3 hours
POL 140 American National Government 3 hours
SOC 133 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours

Six hours of upper level courses (300 or above) from the social science disciplines with approval of advisor. Courses required for a major may not be counted toward the minor; substitutions must be from a social science discipline other than the major and be approved by the advisor; and requirements for certification for teaching secondary school social studies, grades 8 through 12 through the College of Education must also be met.