Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Studies

This program is not accepting new students but will still be available to current students already working through the program.

The Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Studies is designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles and functions in mission-driven nonprofit sector organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life at the local, regional, national, and global levels. Commitment to innovation, social entrepreneurship, social change, engagement, and advocacy guide the curriculum. The core course content focuses on the full range of organizational leadership roles and management functions central to the successful pursuit of the public good missions across the nonprofit sector. They include but are not limited to organizational development and strategic planning, human resource development (staff and volunteer), financial resource development, legal issues and advocacy, and innovation and social change strategies.

The 21 core course credit hours provide a dynamic foundation of information and skills for anyone aspiring to more effective nonprofit sector leadership. Twelve hours of elective courses will be chosen as a concentration area to deepen the individual’s knowledge and skills in a focused area of nonprofit organization leadership and development. With approval of the academic advisor, a customized concentration area can be developed with a set of electives selected to complement specific career goals. All courses are available to be taken in person, via the Internet, or a combination of the two approaches. During the final semester of coursework, a comprehensive examination will be required to complete the program of study.

Please visit this web page from the Office of the Registrar to access current Academic Bulletins for information regarding curriculum requirements and course descriptions.