Student and Alumni Profiles

See what some of our students and alumni have to say about Murray State University's nonprofit leadership studies program! Then, submit your own student profile or alumnus/alumna profile!

Maria Schauberger

Undergraduate Student
Bachelor's Degree Received: 2018

I have found that the classes which integrate service learning as a major component have given me a better opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and have hands-on experiences that will help me feel much more prepared upon graduation. The faculty have always been willing to help me in any way they can, and I have always felt comfortable communicating with them.

Ryan Clark

Graduate Student
Master's Degree Received: 2017

The nonprofit sector is very diverse. There are many different career paths a graduate of the program can take. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Leisure Services from Murray State, and I have an interest in the outdoors and conservation. The nonprofit sector is heavily involved with conservation and increasing public awareness regarding environmental issues across the globe. I feel a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Leadership Studies greatly compliments my degree in Recreation and Leisure Services. I plan on using my Master's Degree in NLS to work for an environmental or recreational organization.

Abby Siegel

Undergraduate Student
Bachelor's Degree Received: 2017

I have gained an understanding of the sector that I did not have coming into college, as well as developed communication and leadership skills along the way. I have seen the program become more academically challenging during my time at Murray State, and I think the program is headed in a great direction!

Dr. Bob Long's course on leadership development allowed me to grow as a leader and learn more about my introverted self. Dr. Peter Weber's course on international development challenged me to look at international aid completely different than I did previously. Both challenged me to think about myself and how I can use my skills and passions in this sector. They challenged me to grow as a leader by changing the way I think about the world, myself, and others.

Prudence Torian

Graduate Student
Master's Degree Received: 2017

I've always wanted to work with the nonprofit sector but needed the academic background as well as to gain a better understanding of the infrastructure of how nonprofits function. I look forward to learning, growing, making new connections within the sector, and eventually being knowledgeable to the point that I can start my own nonprofit organization.

I've truly enjoyed learning new insights regarding the nonprofit sector, connecting with peers who are like-minded in their professional ambitions within the nonprofit sector, networking, and being able to tailor my classes to meet my own professional interests.