Support Courses for Language Majors

Each language major must select one course from the following list of approved courses. The support course will not be counted as a University Studies elective.

ARC 321              Ancient Civilizations

ART 418*             Renaissance Art

ART 419*             Baroque Art

ART 425*             Art of Asia

ART 428*             Nineteenth-Century Art

ART 429               Art from 1900 to 1960

ART 430*             Contemporary Art

BPA 396               International Business Seminar

BPA 515               "Communicating in the International Business Environment"

BPA 596               International Business Seminar

COM 340             Intercultural Communication

ECO 310*             Issues in the Global Economy

ECO 311               European Economic History

ECO 460               International Trade and Finance

EDU 423*             International Teaching Experience

ENG 305*             Survey of World Literature, 1700-1945

ENG 306*             Contemporary Literature

ENG 309               History of the English Language

ENG 315*             Global Cinema

ENG 427               Medieval Literature

ENG 428               Renaissance Literature

FIN 461*               International Financial Management

HIS 306*               Europe in Renaissance and Reformation

HIS 309*               "Survey of World Religions  (same as RGS 309)"

HIS 340*               Modern East Asia

HIS 350                 History of Latin America

HIS 401*               The French Revolution

HIS 402*               Nineteenth-Century Europe

HIS 403*               Europe Since 1914

HIS 411*               Modern France

HIS 412*               Modern Germany

HIS 414*               Europe During WWI and WWII

HIS 475*               Modern Japan

HIS 476*               The World Since 1945

HIS 481*               "Revolutionary Mexico 1810  to the Present"

HIS 490*               History Study Abroad

JMC 400               International Mass Communication

MGT 557              International Management

MKT 396              International Marketing Seminar

MLA 314*            Cultural Heritage Abroad

MLA 533*            Language and Culture

MUS 381*            Music History and Literature I

MUS 382*            Music History and Literature II

MUS 530              Special Topics (must relate to Major)

PHI 305*              "History of Philosophy II:  Modern/19th Century"

PHI 315*              Social and Political Philosophy

PHI 325*              Philosophy of Art

PHI 356*              Continental Philosophy

PHI 380*              Philosophy of Language

PHI 383*              Philosophy of Diversity

POL 451*             Government and Politics of Europe

POL 453*             Government and Politics of Latin America

POL 454*             Government and Politics of Asia

POL 457*             International Law and Organizations

POL 462               Modern Political Thought

PSY 326               Psychology of Language

RGS 309              "Survey of World Religions  (same as HIS 309)"

SOC 336*            Individual and Society

THD 420*            Theatre History and Literature I

THD 421*            Theatre History and Literature II


*Requires Course Substitution Form for Language Majors