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There are several scholarships that have begun since many of you attended Murray State University. To honor the 28 years of distinguished service by Kay Gardner Bates an endowed scholarship in her name has been established in the Murray State University Foundation. Preference will be given to mezzo-sopranos. It is the hope of Mrs. Bates' vocal colleagues that the minimum principle amount can be in place to award the first Kay Gardner Bates Scholarship in two years. We are sure that all of Mrs. Bates' studio alumni and friends will want to honor Mrs. Bates by contributing to that scholarship fund.

The Robert K. Baar Honorary Scholarship, Director of Choral Activities at Murray State from 1951-1982 is awarded to an upper-level singer who has demonstrated an advanced level of competency in vocal study and has significantly contributed to the vocal/choral program at Murray State. This scholarship is a wonderful way to remember a man who has given so much of himself to Murray State University and choral music throughout the south. Those students who have received the scholarship also appreciate the tradition of excellence that Mr. Baar established with the Murray State choirs. This legacy continues through this scholarship.

Another scholarship has been started in memory of Sharilyn D. Almquist, the sister of Dr. Bradley Almquist, Murray State Director of Choral Activities. Sharilyn was injured in an automobile accident and lived as a quadriplegic for several years with her parents in North Dakota. She loved to sing and studied voice as part of her physical and personal therapy. A challenge to any teacher of singing, Sharilyn, as a quadriplegic voice student taught her teacher much about the human body and spirit. As a continuing reminder of her sheer joy in and love of music, the Sharilyn D. Almquist Memorial Scholarship has been established in her name with a preference for sopranos. It is the family's hope to have the scholarship fully funded within a few years.

The Murray State University Department of Music and the Vocal/Choral area are pleased to announce that the Erin Conn Memorial Scholarship will be awarded this coming spring to an incoming freshman singer for the fall 2005 semester. This wonderful memorial is a continuous tribute and remembrance of a light that shined so brightly in this department, Erin Conn.

The final scholarship exclusively for voice majors is the Clarence D. Walker Memorial Basso Scholarship The scholarship is awarded to bass singers who are voice majors at Murray State. Several scholarships are awarded from this fund each year.

How can you help? If you sang in a choir and especially if you received a scholarship to Murray State University, then someone in the generations of students before you contributed to your education. You can help tomorrow's students by contributing to one or more of the endowed scholarship accounts listed above. Please click on the "On-line Giving" link below. It will connect you to a secure page for making your contribution. Every contribution, regardless of the amount helps to build the scholarship resources necessary for attracting outstanding students to Murray State. Please be generous.

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