Center for Letters Arts and Social Sciences

Study in the Center for Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences tackle the big questions of the past and the present to more deeply understand ourselves and to create a better future. These academic areas are essential to a healthy, thriving democracy, and they contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities alike. If you are into the big questions, you likely already know this. But did you know that these areas of study provide students with the adaptable skills that are always in demand, even in our rapidly changing economy? Employers desperately need employees who can write effectively, read critically, and think creatively about complex problems and issues. Murray State’s CLASS curriculum provides students a solid foundation for a future of individual, civic, and career flourishing.

CLASS Cohort

studentsThe heart of the Center is the CLASS cohort curriculum, a sequence of university studies courses designed specifically for bright, talented, engaged students interested in studying letters, arts, and social sciences.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Learning in a community of passionate students and professors
  • Taking seminar-style classes characterized by robust discussion and small class sizes
  • Receiving dedicated advice in career or graduate/professional school preparation
  • Engaging in meaningful internship programs
  • Working with local and visiting artists, writers, and scholars with national and international reputations
  • Studying in exciting and engaging locations, in the U.S. and abroad.

Members of the CLASS Cohort also will be members of the Honors College.

Honors students have access to:

  • The Honors Living Learning Community in Franklin Residential College, reserved just for Honors students
  • Service projects that range from volunteering at the Main Street Youth Center to working at the local animal shelter
  • Weekend educational field trips
  • Priority Registration