Dr. X. Yousef Yang

Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Office: Faculty Hall 5A-6

Dr. X. Yousef Yang CV

PhD, Purdue University
MS, Purdue University
Bachelor of Law, Zhejiang University  


Sociology of Health, Substance Use, Social Networks, Social Statistics


Dr. X. Yousef Yang studies health and deviant behaviors in general, and more specifically substance use and sexual risk behaviors. The classes he teaches have engages students to contemplate the possibility that our actions are adaptable to social relationships. To understand the extent to which social forces shape these interesting phenomena, he employs some unique quantitative analytical methods, including network analysis, structural equation modeling, mixed-effect modeling, survival analysis, among others.


SOC 133 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 340 Medical Sociology


Yang, X. Y. (2016). Is Social Status Related to Internet Pornography Use? Evidence from the Early 2000s in the United States. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45(4), 997-1009.
Yang, T., Barnett, R., Rockett, I. R., Yang, X. Y., Wu, D., Zheng, W., & Li, L. (2015).
The impact of regional economic reliance on the tobacco industry on current smoking in China. Health & Place, 33, 159-171.
Yang, X. Y., Kelly, B. C., & Yang, T. (2015). Together we have fun: native-place networks and sexual risk behaviours among Chinese male rural-urban migrants. Sociology of Health & Illness, 38(4), 559-575.