The Department of Biological Sciences at Murray State University offers a three-year curriculum that allows students to participate in 3+3 year programs at Logan, Palmer and other Schools of Chiropractic Medicine. Students complete three years in residence at Murray State University, then three years in Chiropractic School. The first 30 hours of biology coursework at the chiropractic institution may be transferable to Murray State to complete the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a track in pre-medicine. Alternatively, students can complete the 4 year BA or BS at Murray State and then apply to Chiropractic School for their 3 year programs. Students wishing to complete the BA or BS at Murray State before applying to Chiropractic programs should follow the Pre-Medicine Curriculum pathway.

Students who wish to become chiropractors can meet the necessary pre-professional required courses through our program. Chiropractic schools give preference to students with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Suggested Curriculum Outline for 3+3 Chiropractic Programs, BS in Pre-Medicine

For First-Time Freshman (Scroll Down for Transfer Students)

Fall Year 1 Hrs. Spring Year 1 Hrs.
BIO 100T Transitions 1 BIO 216 Biological Inquiry & Analysis
BIO 115 The Cellular Basis of Life 3 CHE 202 General Chem & Quantitative Analysis
CHE 201 General College Chemistry 5 BIO 221 Zoology: Animal Form and Function
ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing & Inquiry COM 161 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
PSY 180 General Psychology 3  
Total 16 Total
Fall Year 2   Spring Year 2
BIO 222 Botany: Plant Form & Function 4 BIO 333 Genetics
CHE 312 Organic Chemistry I & Lab 5 CIV 201 or 202 World Civilizations I or II
MAT 150 Algebra & Trigonometry 5 CHE 320 Organic Chemistry II 
XXX XXX Global Awareness Elective  3 PHY 130/131 General Physics I and Lab
Total 17 Total
Fall Year 3   Spring Year 3  
ENG 226 Arguments & Discourse 3 BIO 323 Cell Biology: Systems 3
BIO 322 Animal Physiology 4 CHE 330 Basic Biochemistry 3
PHY 132/133 General Physics I & Lab 4 HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition 3
STA 135 Intro to Probability and Statistics 4 SOC 133 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSY or SOC Elective 3
Total 15 Total 16
Fall Year 4 Spring Year 4
Upper level biology electives taken at Chiropractic school 15 Upper level biology electives taken at Chiropractic school 15
Total 15 Total 15

For Transfer Students with an Associate's of Science degree

Students who wish to transfer to Murray State, then transfer to Chiropractic School once their pre-requisites are met should work closely with their academic advisor to insure all Murray State requirements are met. To be awarded a BA or BS in Biology from Murray State University, students must fulfill all requirements including University Studies, Biology Core Courses (BIO 499 will be waived), at least 42 upper level hours, at least 120 total hours, at least 30 hours in residence at Murray State and all requirements for the pre-medical curriculum.

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