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Four year degree pathways for each of our WCB programs

Careers in Wildlife and Conservation Biology are some of the most exciting and rewarding careers you can have....well, at least in our opinion.  Where else can you travel to China to work with avian influenza in wild birds, trap wild hogs, work with endangered species, and play with snakes on a daily basis!  Well, for some, that may not sound so great, but if you are fired up after reading this....continue reading. Wildlife and Conservation Biology includes a wide range of careers.  Common careers include being a wildlife biologist, zoologist, professor, conservation officer, conservation education teacher, researcher, and many others.  You can go on to be the next Aldo Leopold, L. David Mech, Jane Goodall, Archie Carr, or Carter Niemeyer.  If you don't know who these people are...look them up. If you want to know what you will need to do here at Murray State to earn a degree in the Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program in Wildlife Biology, visit the curriculum page.  You can also visit the pages for Wildlife Biology, Conservation Education, Conservation Law Enforcement, Conservation Biology, or Zoology to find out more about these degrees, what it is like working in these fields, and what it takes to get a job once your are done.


Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge - Video by Madeline Heredia




  I just love the Wildlife and Conservation Biology program at Murray State University!


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