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NEW!!! We are transitioning into the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences! Look for GSC courses under Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) section for Fall 2018. Tell all of your friends!

 New for Fall 2018, Murray State University Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences;; BS and MS Degree Programs-Archaeology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography and GIS, Geology, and Watershed Science; For more information, call 270-809-2591 or 270-809-6760


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Meet Our Students

Spring 2018 Soils and Geomorphology class coring for the NASA project

Spring 2018 Soils and Geomorphology class coring for the NASA project


Benjamin Estes

Benjamin Estes
Environmental Geology graduate from Ozark, Missouri
More about Benjamin


Molly Karnes

Molly Karnes
Earth Sciences graduate from Mount Vernon, Illinois
More about Molly


Mallory Gerzan

Mallory Gerzan
Environmental Geology garduate from Madisonville, Kentucky
More about Mallory


Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart
Watershed Science major from Murray, Kentucky
More about Lance

Why Geosciences?

Geosciences offer interdisciplinary solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems, from climate change to sustainability, from pollution to deforestation, from water scarcity to soil degradation, and many more. Geoscientists investigate the driving forces and consequences of the problems, monitor the change and model the impacts of management initiatives or policy.

What can I do with a degree in Geosciences?

Look at where our alumni has developed a career in Geosciences around the world.

Due to increased public awareness of environmental problems and increased societal relevance, workforce growth rates in geosciences are higher than average. In particular, “Geospatial Technology” industry is among 14 high-growth industries identified by the Department of Labor. Our graduates have found jobs as scientists, planners, archaeologist, cartographers and GIS specialists, in:

  • Local, state and federal government agencies including USGS, NGA, EPA
  • Fast-growing geospatial industry including ESRI
  • Environmental consulting companies
  • Cultural resources management agencies

The Murray State Advantage

Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and faculty-led research and field experience at the Murray State Archaeology Lab, a summer field archaeology school, and the Mapping Applications Resource Center (MARC), a core entity in the Murray State University Watershed Studies Institute (WSI). We also partner with several local and regional organizations to provide students with internship opportunities.


For more information, contact Dr. Robin Zhang, Chair, Department of Geosciences, Murray State University, 334 Blackburn Science Building, Murray, KY 42071. (270) 809-6760 or