2015 Scientific Research Poster Competition

Murray State University: Scholars Week-2015
Sigma Xi – Scientific Research Student Poster Competition

Poster Competition Coordinator - Dr. Maeve McCarthy

Award Winners:

Outstanding Graduate Student Poster - Michael Pate (Geosciences)
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster - Nathan A. Tillotson, Ben Tumolo, Andrew K. Porterfield (Biology)

Division Awards:
Agriculture & Geoscience Category -  Michael Pate (Graduate student - Geosciences)
Biology Category - Nathan A. Tillotson, Ben Tumolo, Andrew K. Porterfield (Undergraduates -Biology)
General Category - Mari-Alice Jasper (Undergraduate - Sociology)


  1. The Role of Testosterone Propionate and Estradiol on the Morphological Changes of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rats.
    Mchael Banta (
    Bio-Chemistry) 1 Renn Lovett (Nursing) & Abigail Steck (Biological Sciences)
    Mentor: Suguru Nakamura
  2. Binders in Mississippian Ceramics.
    Kate Breitenstein
    Mentor: Kit Wesler
  3. Accentuate the Positive: Positivity Influences the Nation Greater than Negativity.
    David Crittendon (Psychology)
    Mentor: Jana Hackathorn
  4. Dynamics of Soil Infiltration Rates in Various Agro-ecosystems
    Landon Gibbs
    Mentor: Lin P. Handayani
  5. Effects of Predator Size Variation on Future Generations of Predators
    Bradley Hartman (Biology/Aquatic Biology/Fisheries)
    Mentor: Dr. Howard Whiteman
  6. The Effect of Soil Sampling Depth on Nutrient Recommendations in Kentucky
    Chelsea Holleman
    Mentor: Lin Handayani
  7. The Influence of Pop Songs on the Promotion of Rape Culture and Sexism
    Mari Alice Jasper (Journalism and Sociology)
    Mentor: Jared Rosenberger
  8. Engineering Design of an Autonomous Trap Monitor for American Burying Beetles
    Jordan Love
    (Applied Mathematics), Nicholas Morgan (Engineering Physics), Aaron Whitney (Engineering Physics)
    Mentors: James Hereford & Dr. James Hardin
  9. Development of Mathematical Models for Industrial Lighting System Costs with Applications in Constrained System Optimization
    Jordan Love, Jacob Munson & Kathleen Kirby
    (Applied Mathematics)
    Mentor: Donald Adongo & Dr. Renee Fister
  10. The Impact of Tillage Systems on Soil Physical Properties in Bond County, Illinois
    Katelynn Mollett
    Mentor: Iin Handayani
  11. Specific Bilingual Background and Risk of Cognitive Impairment
    Morgan Owens, Kendrick Settler & Marie Carroll
    Mentor: Maria Vazquez-Brown
  12. Becoming the Little Engine that Could Anxiety, Self-Esteem, and Exam Performance.
    Stephanie Patterson (Psychology)
    Mentor: Jana Hackathorn
  13. Murray Calloway County Animal Shelter: Community Perceptions, Adoption Success Rates, and Suggestions for Improvement.
    Victoria Ramlose
    (Animal Health Technology)
    Mentor: Anna Doom
  14. Application of GIS, Bathymetry and Long-term Hydrological Data to Identify Critical Biological Requirements of Bald Cypress for Habitat Improvement in Kentucky Lake
    Christy Soldo
    (Conservation Biology)
    Mentor: Michael B. Flinn
  15. BB-500 Emissions Characteristics: Preliminary Observations
    Nicole States & Clayton Keiser
    Mentor: Bommanna Loganathan & Dr. Jason Robertson
  16. The Phenology of Larval Fish in Kentucky Lake During Early Summer
    Nathan A. Tillotson
    1 (Fisheries/Aquatic Biology), Ben Tumolo2 (Watershed Science), & Andrew K. Porterfield2 (Fisheries/Aquatic Biology)
    1 Undergraduate; 2 Graduate
    Mentor: Michael Flinn


  1. Finding Suitable Location for a New Park, in Murray, KY, Using Fuzzy Membership and Fuzzy Overlay Tools
    Amal Aljaddani
    Mentor: Dr. Robin Zhang
  2. Stream Aggradation and Flooding at Mount Rainier National Park: A Comparative Study of the White, Nisqually and Carbon Rivers
    Emily Knoth
    Mentor: Robin Zhang
  3. Modelling Suitable Mist-net Site Areas for Bats in Kentucky After the Arrival of White-nose Syndrome
    Santiago Martin
    Mentor: Robin Q. Zhang
  4. LiDAR Classification of Hopkinsville Kentucky using ArcMap
    Michael Pate
    Mentor: Robin Zhang
  5. Bat Occurrence and Survey Site Selection at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
    Kate Schaefer
    Mentor: Robin Zhang
  6. Geostatistical Data Analysis of Division I Public Universities
    Kevin Smothers
    Mentor: Robin Zhang
  7. Determining Wind Direction Patterns in a Diseased Landscape
    Melanie Torres (Watershed Sciences)
    Mentor: Dr. Robin Zhang
  8. Role of Specialized Ribonucleoprotein Granules in Germline Development in Drosophila Jimiao Zheng1, Nhan Huynh2, Patrick McCluskey2, Jarred Koerner2, Zachary Ryne2 & Ming Gao1 (Biological Sciences)
    1 Graduate 2 Undergraduate
    Mentor: Dr. Alexey Arkov