2019 NACTA Registration

2019 NACTA Registration Form A 

  • Use Form A  to provide your institutions general information for contest registration, student attendance numbers and other participation items.  All university, department or oganizational registrations should be submitted by March 8, 2019. 

2019 NACTA Registration Form B

  • Use this electronic form to complete specific student registration information for each contest.   Individuals for up to three contests may be submitted on the same form.  If your group is participating in more than three contests then you will submit the form multiple times. All student specific information should be submitted by March 8, 2019.  

Registration Payment 

  • 2019 NACTA Student Judging Conference Online Payment Portal  - Schools will pay online with debit or credit.  Payments made before March 9, 2019, are $40/student/contest.  Payments made March 9th or after will be $50/student/contest.   If your university is paying for contests through multiple transactions,  please select the quantity of students/contest each time a payment is being made, indicate your school name, your coach/advisor name, and the contest(s) each payment will apply to.   Schools that are paying all registrants in one transaction  may list the primary coach/advisor's name and indicate "all contests for which school is registered" in the contest field. 

Murray State University W-9