Oakley Applied Science Building

Commercial Foods Lab & Oakley Dining Room

Students learning cooking techniquesStudents cooking food to serve to customers
Salad served in the Oakley dining roomShortcake dessert
Strawberry kabob dessertvegetables and main course
The Quantity Food Production Lab is used in the senior capstone course, Meal Management. In this course, students are responsible for conceptualizing, marketing, producing, serving, and evaluating a 3-course meal prepared in our quantity food production kitchen and served in our Oakley Dining Room.

Food Science Lab

student working in the kitchen student measuring out milk
students working in the food lab Student measuring out sugar

The Food Science Lab is used for NTN 231, Principles of Food Science and Preparation and NTN 480, Experimental Foods. In NTN 231, emphasis is placed on understanding and applying the basic physical and chemical properties of foods. Students develop skills in recipe interpretation, cooking methods, and food safety and sanitation. In NTN 480, students develop objective and sensory methods of evaluating chemical and physical qualities of food. Students modify recipes to develop new food products, design and conduct experiments, interpret results, and prepare findings from research by developing a research poster.