Non-Internship Concentration of M.S. in Nutrition

Concentration Description

Graduate students enrolled in the Non-Internship Concentration will complete a 38-credit hour program that includes courses in nutrient metabolism, lifecycle nutrition, pathophysiology, nutrition for the aging adult, performance nutrition, trends in the food supply, statistics, and nutrition research.  Students in the Non-Internship Concentration also have the opportunity to take elective courses aligned with their professional goals.  


HEA 610   Biostatistics in Public Health
NTN 610   Research and Writing for Nutrition   Professionals
NTN 620   Nutrition for the Aging Adult
NTN 621  Performance Nutrition
NTN 622   Trends in the Food Supply
NTN 623   Leadership and Management in Food,   Nutrition, and Dietetics
NTN 630*  Nutrient Metabolism
NTN 633*   Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
NTN 645*  Pathophysiology for Nutrition-Related   Diseases
NTN 656  Nutrition Research Literature Review
NTN 660  Research Project in Nutrition I
NTN 661  Research Project in Nutrition II
 Approved Elective

 *If a student has successfully completed these courses at the undergraduate level, challenge tests can be taken to demonstrate content proficiency.  Students to successfully pass a challenge test can replace the course with an elective that has been approved by his/her faculty advisor.

NOTE:  Above curriculum establishes eligibility in the state of Kentucky for licensure as a Certified Nutritionist.  For information related to licensure in the various states, please visit the following link: state-licensure-agency-list