Development Stipend

Instructors (including adjuncts and deans) are eligible to receive a development stipend for all online courses. Payment is $500 a credit hour. Only one development stipend may be paid per course. By signing the development stipend contract, the instructor agrees to teach the course a minimum of four times within a four year time period. After this contract is fulfilled, the course will be eligible for a revision stipend. Click HERE to access the Development Stipend. 

Revision Stipend 

After a course fulfills the development stipend requirement, the instructor will be eligible to apply for a Revision Stipend. For a Major Revision, instructors may receive $200 per credit hour, not to exceed $600 for their total payment. There are no limits to the number of revision stipends a course may receive. Click HERE to access the Development Stipend. 


Questions?  Contact Camela Ramey at or (270) 809-3383.