Winter Term


December 11, 2017 - January 3, 2018


  • There are no restrictions on who can teach a Winter Term course. If the course is overload, it will count towards faculty member's 20% maximum of allowed extra compensation for the fiscal year. The department will determine if the course is inload or overload.
  • All online instructors (faculty and adjuncts) will be paid according to the payment chart below. The department may choose to supplement pay out of their own funds; however, justification as to why the instructor needs extra payment may be needed. Center for Adult and Regional Education (RAO) will process all online payments. (Contact Lisa Schmidt at 809-2159 for more information.) Enrollments to determine pay will be taken on December 12, 2017. Payments will not be adjusted after that date even if students are added to the course.
  • The deadline to cancel a course due to low enrollment is December 1, 2017. It is the department and instructor’s decision to cancel a course. There is no required minimum enrollment for online courses. A RAO Schedule Correction Form must be originated by the department to cancel the course and the instructor must inform the students that the course will not be offered.
  • Instructors should receive one payment the end of January. (Everything will be done to ensure a January payment, but this cannot be guaranteed.)
  • Instructors should post their syllabus on Canvas or communicate instructions with your students no later than December 1st. Students need to be able to order any textbooks and other required materials early. They also need to be aware of their required workload during the course.


OL Instructor Pay

Winter Term Calendar

October 30 - November 10 Winter Term Registration Open for All Classifications

For registration assistance after 11/10/17, contact the Registration Office,
(270) 809-2394 or

November 10 Payment Due / Advanced Scheduling Ends

November 14 Schedules Purged for Non-Payment

December 11 Winter Term Begins

December 12 Enrollments Taken to Determine Payments for Instructors

December 18 University Closes for Holiday Break

December 31 Last Day to Withdraw

January 2 University Opens at 8:00 a.m.

January 3 Winter Term Ends

January 4 Winter Term Grades Due by 10 a.m.

Blackout dates (no assignments are given): December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st