CPT Atsitty Biography

CPT Vincent Natani Atsitty was born in Logan, Utah on 23 November 1983. He is a full blooded Navajo Indian from the Navajo Reservation. He is second of three children in his family. CPT Atsitty graduated from Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington, New Mexico with honors. Following his graduation, CPT Atsitty moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University. CPT Atsitty took a two year break from college to complete a two year proselytizing mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints to Osaka, Japan. While in Japan, CPT Atsitty learned to speak Japanese fluently as well as Portuguese and Spanish. Leadership roles while there consisted of senior companion for 10 months and district leader for 6 months. After completing his mission, CPT Atsitty joined the Utah Army National Guard as a 12 Bravo, Combat Engineer. CPT Atsitty spent four months at Fort Leonard Wood completing Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. Upon completion CPT Atsitty returned to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the University of Utah. CPT Atsitty joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps while also being part of the National Guard. This Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allowed CPT Atsitty to be a Cadet in the Army Reserve and a National Guardsman. CPT Atsitty took his first leadership role as a platoon leader for the 1457th Sapper Company in Draper, UT. CPT Atsitty graduated Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA in the summer of 2007. CPT Atsitty followed that up by receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. He also attained two minors in Japanese and Military Science. CPT Atsitty's first assignment was Leadership Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis in Washington. CPT Atsitty attended Basic Officer Learning Course and became a rated aviator at Fort Rucker in 2011. CPT Atsitty is rated in the UH-60A/L aircraft. CPT Atsitty's first operational active duty assignment was in Korea with 3-2 AVN REGT as a Platoon Leader in the Command Aviation Company. CPT Atsitty's second assignment was an aide-de-camp to the Deputy Commanding General for Support in the 2nd Infantry Division. After successfully completing his aide time, CPT Atsitty moved to Fort Rucker to complete the Aviation Captain's Career Course. CPT Atsitty then received orders to attend the Joint Fire Power Course in Las Vegas enroute to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to the 3-82nd AVN REGT S-3 shop. CPT Atsitty served as 3-82nd Flight Ops OIC in the S-3 shop. His next assignment was to be the Fox company commander and the Rear Provisional Battalion Commander for 7 months. CPT Atsitty then deployed to Bagram Airfield to fill a billet in the S-3 shop for 2 months. CPT Atsitty then returned to his command and Fort Bragg and was in command of the Air Traffic Controllers. CPT Atsitty currently lives in Murray, KY with his wife Keri of five years, his 3 year old daughter Cora Patricia Nizhoni Atsitty and 2 year old son Hyrum Wilkins Hoyaanii Atsitty. CPT Atsitty has left the active duty component of the Army and is planning on attending Dental School in Kentucky. CPT Atsitty is on glide path to achieve his plan. CPT Atsitty enjoys running long distance, playing golf and spending time with his family. Keri would describe him as optimistic and unrealistic in his goals and dreams.