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Eran OglesbyEran Oglesby

Degree: Agribusiness with an emphasis in marketing and management
Hometown: Elizabethtown, Illinois
High School and/or Previous Academic Institution: Hardin County High School and Southeastern Illinois College

Eran Oglesby is a senior at Murray State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness with an emphasis in marketing and management. This is her story.

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How do you define success?

I believe success is when you work hard toward a goal and you finally accomplish it. There is no better feeling than knowing you have put in the time and effort to achieve a goal.

Who has influenced you the most in your life and why?

It is very hard to choose just one person, but I would say my mom and dad have been the most influential people in my life. They have always pushed me to do my best and take a chance on new things. I always wanted to be successful to make them proud.

What first sparked your interest in your chosen field?

My dad. We own a family farm, and I’ve always seen how hard he’s worked to be successful. I saw the manual labor from the ground perspective, but I was always interested in the business side of agriculture.

Why did you select Murray State?

Murray State has an amazing agriculture program and still has the small-town feel. I have had many friends graduate from Murray State who still come back to visit. Once you get to know people in Murray, they are basically family. I knew any school with a program like the Hutson School of Agriculture was where I needed to be.

Who is one of your favorite professors and why?

I met Dr. Alyx Shultz my first semester at Murray State. I was very nervous about being in a new place with new people, but Dr. Shultz always made me feel included in class and thankful to be here.

What is one of your favorite Murray State traditions/experiences?

My favorite Murray State experience is Fall on the Farm. Getting to spend time teaching children and getting them excited about agriculture is one of the most rewarding things I’ve been involved in.

What is something you’ve accomplished at Murray State that you’re most proud of and why are you proud of it?

One of my favorite accomplishments was being chosen by Mr. O.L. Robertson as one of the Excellence in Agriculture students. This was an amazing accomplishment to me because Mr. Robertson has been very respected around Murray State for a long time. This gave me the confidence to know I could reach my goals.

What opportunities have you been afforded at Murray State?

I have been able to experience new things, find a sense of community and meet many lifelong friends. I also feel that I have been very blessed to meet and build relationships with my fellow classmates. Building strong relationships will benefit me in my future career.

What do you think sets Murray State apart from other universities?

The personal feeling. In all of my classes — no matter the size — the professor knows your name by the second day of class. If you need extra help or guidance, you can talk to anybody and they will do their best to help you.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Take chances, participate in at least one club or activity, go to career fairs and always be thinking about your future. Senior year and graduation come quicker than you think.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I would like to continue to work for Southern FS on the marketing side of the company. I started with Southern FS as a part-time employee the summer I graduated from high school and have continued my career with them throughout my college years. I was recently offered a contract to continue to work for Southern FS after graduating from Murray State.

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