Scholar Stage - Khaled Alghamdi

Khaled AlghamdiKhaled Alghamdi

Hometown: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
High School: Manarat Al Riyadh High School
Degree: Business administration (finance)





Khaled Alghamdi is a senior at Murray State University seeking his business administration degree. This is his story.

Activities & Organizations

  • Saudi Students Organization


Who has influenced you the most in your life and why?

My mom; she is a hero and a strong woman who showed me how anyone can make a change if they love something.

What first sparked your interest in your chosen field?

My last name, Alghamdi, goes way back in the business field back home, and a lot of my family members are known in Saudi Arabia.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I want to make big changes in the Saudi banking industry and become a CEO known for making things better than they already are.

Why did you select Murray State? 

The environment of the school and the system is great. I feel great studying here and I love it and love the people who go here. Everyone on campus comes from all over the United States or other parts of the world and quickly meet and become friends!

Who is one of your favorite professors and why? 

This will be hard to answer. I love all my professors and they are all great. They all make me feel like I’m one of their kids. They take care of their students.

What is one of your favorite Murray State traditions/experiences?

I love going to basketball games or football in particular, but I’ve enjoyed every event I’ve been to and all the traditions I’ve seen on campus.

What is something you've accomplished at Murray State that you're most proud of and why are you proud of it?

Since I moved to Murray I have become a total new person, a better version of me, which I always wanted to be. I have become more confident in myself and talkative, especially in front of a big audience. I’ve also improved at managing my finances! I have also lost 170 pounds since coming here. That’s a big accomplishment for me and I’m proud of it.

What do you think sets Murray State apart from other universities?

The community at Murray State is great. We all belong here, even though many of us come from all over the world.

For a prospective student considering which college to attend, why do you think they should consider attending Murray State?

From my perspective, I believe Murray State University is a great university for a first time experience to study. The people and professors here are so friendly.


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