Cinema International: Tazzeka

Curris Center - Barkley Room

300 Curris Center
Murray, KY 42071

Dir. Jean-Philippe Gaud

With Mahdi Belemlih, Ouidad Elma

In French, Arabic with English subtitles

95 min.N.R

Elias works at a tiny convenience store in the rural Moroccan village of Tazzeka, making couscous for the locals and the occasional tourist, while dreaming of cooking in Paris, the international capital of gastronomy. Making his dream come true is fraught with hardships.Neither sensational nor sugar-coated, Tazzeka accomplishes the rare feat of describing the immigrant experience in a heartwarming but unvarnished manner, achieving a gently comedic, yet deeply felt tone carried by newcomer Madi Belem’s guileless performance as Elias. This movie reminds us that identity and food are embedded in the human psyche.

Thursday, 05 November, 2020


Therese Saint Paul

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