Seeing is Believing: Experience-Based Teaching and Learning: Multiple Gains

Faculty Development Center

107 CENTER Applied Science
Murray, KY 42071

Are you looking to try out experience-based learning, a nuanced approach to teaching research or building student-community partnerships to sustain learning? 

This session will share a teaching approach that is aimed at addressing the discomfort students have with research that often is reflected in the field as well. In the work world, which is expected to be outcome-driven and guided by best practices and accountability, this mutually beneficial experience-based, student-community partnership promises multiple gains.

In this session, participants will be provided with strategies to do the following:

•initiate and sustain community partnerships to promote student learning and community capacity building
•create and plan class assignments to enable this learning
•frame questions to enable reflective learning

Facilitator:  Kala Chakradhar, Associate Professor, Community Leadership and Human Services


Wednesday, 25 October, 2017


Faculty Development Center

Phone: 5000