Housing/Residence Life Staff


Dr. Crystal Rae Coel
College Head
Juris Doctorate
M.A. in Speech Communication
321B Wilson Hall
Murray, KY 42071

Dr. Coel received her juris doctorate from the Southern University Law Center in 1990, and her Master of Arts at the University of Louisiana in 1987. Dr. Coel serves as a Communication Consultant to a radio show in Florida and is the Special Projects Coordinator for the College of Business here in Murray. Dr. Coel is also a member of the College of Business Appeals Committees, the Editor/ Consultant of the Kentucky Association of State Employees, and is affiliated with the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Black Faculty/ Staff Association, and the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Delta Speech and Debate Honor Fraternities, Mediation Center of Kentucky, National and Kentucky Communication Associations, and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Inc. Dr. Coel also has supported the University as former President & Facilitator of the Black Faculty and Staff Association.

Dr. Coel has been voted the Best Residential College Head from 2007-2012. She co-advises the Residential College Council and enjoys attending intramural games!

 Jasmine Wilkerson RD
Jasmine Wilkerson
Residence Director
B.S. in Psychology
112 Elizabeth College
Murray, KY 42071

Jasmine "Jazz" Wilkerson comes to us from the town of Americus, Georgia. She completed her undergraduate studies at Valdosta State University, where she majored in psychology. In her time there, she worked as a Resident Advisor in addition to many other leadership roles. She began her time at Murray State in 2015 in the Postsecondary Eduation program. She spent her first two years in Murray as the Residence Director of Springer Hall before transferring to Lizo. She has a passion for working with our residents and truly hopes to see each and every one of them succeed. Be sure to introduce yourself as she would love to get to know as many Elizabethans as possible! 

Resident Advisors (RAs) 2016-2017

Hunter Steele
Second Floor
Major: Music Business

Hunter is someone who likes to be active, and to talk to and hang out with people. He is a nerd and can spend hours playing video games or table top games. He really just likes to have fun. He has worked in Lizo as a desk worker and served in multiple positions, and he highly encourages everyone to get involved. It really makes the Lizo experience so much better.

Will Vivian
Third Floor
Major: Occupational Safety and Health

Will is from Madisonville, Ky. He is majoring in Occupational Safety and Health and is a senior entering his fourth year of college and second year at Murray State. He transferred from Madisonville Community College where he completed his associates degree. He is a first-year Resident Advisor and is very excited to be a part of Elizabeth College and being a part of this great community.  He is an avid outdoorsman and holds a passion for hunting, fishing, and conservation. He also has a great love for sports such as football, basketball, and baseball and he enjoys gaming in my spare time. 

 Zach East RA picture
Zach East
Fourth Floor
Major: Middle School Education

Hailing from the small town of Princeton, Kentucky, Zach is an avid fan of all things music. He is a Middle School Education and has a passion for seeing students (and people in general) succeed. He is also in the Honor’s College, so feel free to ask him questions about that! Zach is also a Student Ambassador for the University, as well as the Webmaster for Elizabeth College. This is his fourth semester here in LIZO, and he is incredibly excited to be working here this semester!

Tory Lanaghan
Fifth Floor
Major: Creative Writing & Public Relations
Tory loves music of the punk variation and will accept in friendship all people who feel out of their element including, but not limited to: LGBT+, peoples of any faith (just be prepared for her to ask you all the questions), partiers, non-partiers, gamers, nerds, athletes, and various others. Her passion for Sherlock Holmes and many of its variations (BBC) has yet to be matched. Any one who wishes to challenge her in debate be warned: she plays both Devil's and God's advocate. 
Sam Mackbach
Sixth Floor
Major: Pre-Vet Medicine

Sam is a senior pre vet major from a small town in Connecticut that might as well be stars hollow. She is a huge adventurer and loves to be outdoors hiking, traveling, road tripping and would study abroad again in a heart beat. Sam is not like other RAs, she's a cool RA. 6th floor ladies, be prepared for an amazing semester!

Laura Guebert
Seventh Floor
Major: History and English Literature
Laura is an avid reader and writer, and someday she would love to be a travel writer who documents their thoughts and experiences from around the globe. She can't wait to share her love for Lizo life with her new floor!
Delaney Ruby
Eighth Floor
Major: Nursing

When she isn’t color-coding her notes, Delaney enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating copious amounts of cookie dough. Her hobbies include running, obsessing over babies, planning her future wedding on Pinterest, and laughing so hard that she starts clapping like a seal at Sea World. She hopes that she will be as great with medicine as Meredith Grey (and with a husband as attractive as Derek Shepherd. Let’s hope that her future husband doesn’t share the same fate as McDreamy.) One time, when her best friend of many years was just hanging by her leg on a tire swing, Delaney did the best she could do to help, which was laughing so hard that she could barely breathe or even stand for that matter. She is from Peoria, Illinois, which is smack-dab in the middle of the state, so don’t even bother asking if that’s by Chicago. She enjoys spending time with her friends by insisting on watching (or crying during) a Nicholas Sparks movie and eating fruit, chocolate, and goldfish. I’m not like the other RA’s I’m a “cool” RA. 

 Cassidy Spencer RA picture
Cassidy Spencer
Ninth Floor
Major: Elementary Education

From the small town of Greenville, IL, Cassidy Spencer is a second-year Junior at Murray State who loves kids, crafts, and singing. She is extremely involved on campus, acting as a Student Ambassador executive, service fraternity LZO President, and Elizabeth College’s Editor in chief/director of marketing and publication.  She also spends much of her time watching Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, The Office, and Parks and Recreation as well as eating, planning, organizing her agenda, and attending the Journey church where she teaches 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday school. She has lived on the ninth floor of LIZO her whole time here at MSU, and is so excited to now be the resident advisor of the floor she loves!  

For more information about an RA's responsibilities, view the job description here.

 Desk Clerks 2016-2017

Peter Ney
Desk Supervisor
Major: Recreation and Leisure in Adventure Leadership

Peter is a super-senior from Florissant MO. He is excited to work with his team of desk workers! As he says,  "we are going to make the Lizo desk the number one friendliest desk on campus!" A Fun fact: he considers himself a Magician! 


Desk Clerks
Airyana Hardy
Ashlee Brown
Molly Volpe
Jimbob Harper
Hannah Tomes
Connor Mulligan
Tameia Brown
Amanda Meyer
Kylee Lawson
Amie Towery


 For more information on Desk Clerk responsibilities, view the job description here.